Friday, December 30, 2011

Ron Paul eats poop...#6,001 in a series

It's ok if Iran gets Nukes

It's ok if my next door neighbor
Runs a Meth lab out of his home
We all need to mind our own business
And leave each other alone

10:14 am
transcribed this time
8:16 pm


Why would anyone

Why would anyone

Why would anyone rob or steal
Why would they commit a crime
All that will get them is ostracized
All that will get them is prison time

Why would anyone
If they really had a choice
Choose one of criminal behavior
And lose their moral based voice

Being Hetero is easy
You never get a broken heart
No one ever gets hurt
They're always bonded and a part

Of the good things in life
One in which no one is betrayed
And everyone is perfect
In why they maneuver to get laid

Being queer just happens
That's what the smart people say
There is no choice involved
That's why gay is the way

Straight people need to adjust
It's like minorities and women's rights
Any opinion except blind acceptance
Means you're ignorant and way too up tight

Breeders need to get on board
In the schools and the Navy's boats
Nothing else matters Gay is the way

Even if they have to
Shove it down your throat

8:39 am
written in connection about ovomit
and his pressing on the military
to adapt to the don't gag
it's only the fags openly serving
and the excuse why would anyone
choose being homo-sexual it's
sooo tough...who cares ..don't ask
don't tell...or go to Hell


Monday, December 19, 2011

Fema Camps....gun confiscation....screaming corruption

I want to be there

I want to be there
When the Holy Curtain comes down
I want to see the blood run free
In the rivers roads through the middle of town

Judgement day is coming
And it's coming hard
Death is seeking out the evil worshipers
And all their no honor guards

I want to be there
To see them try to change their mind
When they horrifyingly realize
That they have run out of time

Depraved and Demented insanity
Has had its run with degradation
Time to slaughter all their fodder
Time to end their recreation

Of demeaning worthy military men
Of pumping out all their rap crap
Of allowing all the stinking illegals in
Time for the final famed dirt nap

They've thought it quite fun
To rob the hard working blind
By calling it taxation they think
They can take every last sweat earned dime

Lies manipulation arrogance and greed
The sewers are backing up
I want to be there when the reign ends
For the foul rotten filthy and corrupt

9:24 am
transcribed this time
11:05 am


And other stupid suggestions during political times..."We may have to vote for Obama...*^&$%$

We may have to vote for Obama

We may have to eat out of the toilet
Use sand paper instead of toilet paper
Go along with Solyndra as just being
A funny little economic caper

We may have to open the border wider
As a way to accommodate
The sacred sacred illegals
To prove that we don't hate

We may have to cut our military
To prove to Iran we're not a threat
But still tax higher and spend more
In order to show china we're not afraid of debt

We may have to grovel on the ground
To show we do have a spine
We may have to give everybody heroin
Obama's healthcare keeps you feeling fine

To get a Government union job
We may have to turn gay
Bawney Fwank a man among men
Pushing the limits all the way

We may have to finally accept
That only Dims should be elected
It is the blessed Chicago way
All perfectly unique and excellently


9:03 am
transcribed this time
``:01 am


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Note to Newt

Good ol Neutered Newt

Hey Newt....

You might want to seriously reconsider
Your approach to the Stinking Illegal Alien Invasion
What we need is results
Not a bunch of ivory tower persuasion

How many Americans have been killed
By Violent Mexican Nationals since 2001
You might want to check with the FBI
On that to find out what must be done

We're sick of the drugs and gangs
We're sick of the thievery of identity
We're sick of the sex traffiking
We want to remain strong and free

We don't want to be condescended to
When Border Guards are thrown in jail
We can and will attrition them back
This Nation must not fall or fail

Wake up Newt
Don't be a neutered Newt
The damn sob stories have an agenda
And believe me it's a beaut

No more La Raza propaganda
No more compromise with lies
It's time to wake up
It's time to open one's eyes

It's serious out here now
It's not just another view
We need real Americans stepping up
To do what we must do

10:55 am
transcribed this time
11:03 am


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You sound like you believe

You sound like you believe

That It's ok for American to have boundaries
It's ok for a free people to speak
That it's ok to own guns and protect yourself
And those who are vulnerable or weak

You sound like you believe

In standing up straight
And loving family friends and God
Like you don't like Socialists
Because they always steal and rob

You sound like Janet Napigliatano
May not have your best interest at heart
You sound like you honor the brave
And the way they step up and do their part

You sound like you are seriously tired of
The efforts Hell bent to lie and deceive
You sound like you believe brother

You sound like you believe

10:38 am
transcribed this time
3:18 pm


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Khadaffi's last moments

As he tries to sit up
With the blood running down his face
And this is what Obama has brought us to
This moment of International disgrace

As he uses the UN to hide behind
To blur up the accountability
Into something indecipherable
To try to spread out the responsibility

And now everybody involved
Is as wrong as wrong can be
And this is the image of how the US
Strives to bring about being free

This is exactly how you create another
Horror story destined to go out of control
When a leader doesn't step up and take command
Because he lacks the guts and connection to soul

This is what happens when punk
Comes up with how to lead from behind
This is what happens from having no
Warrior heart or steel in the spine

Everybody knows Khadaffi was a bastard
But there he is tortured to death
Right out in front of everybody
For all to see his last agonized death

And this from a Bitch who complained
About water boarding being excessively cruel
Everybody thinks tyrants are monsters
But they're really panty waist fools

Who create chaos and madness
Running wild and crazy in the street
This is the devil incarnate
Rising up to deliver our defeat

And it's brought to us by our own leader
Who presented himself as a man of peace
This is what happens when sanctimony and
Self righteousness connive to make integrity cease

Being the measure of honorable actions
Witness the media singing songs of praise
This is what it looks like when the beast
Is the host of hosts at the feast

Witness the beginning
The beginning of the end days


8:26 pm
transcribed this time
8:28 pm


Friday, October 14, 2011

When Oppression seeks to single you out and crush you down

Power can be beautiful

Sometimes we walk gentle
Along our path upon this earth
Sometimes we are humble
To appreciate the true worth

Of what is the human endeavor
But when evil comes looking to take it all
I'm not afraid to wear my boots
When I go walking down the halls

And yeah you hear me coming
You hear me loud and clear
And I will push past my hesitation
And I will go beyond my fear

And I will stand for freedom
Like Free men have always done
Down through the centuries
The cold deadly nights underneath blistering suns

If you're coming for me
You're comin for blood and war
You can think what you want
But I will guarantee you

Death will be at the door

And if you are a stand back manipulator
Pushing young forces around
You may get away with it for a while
And you may get some of us but we will

We will most definitely hunt you down

And I will blow out your brains
For what you've done to our home land
To our way of life our love our work
With your power mad petty selfish demands

11:03 pm
transcribed this time
10:30 am

If you're an idiot saying ..WE....just know you're not including me

There is never a valid reason

For a nation to defend itself
There is no valid or real threat
Any use of arms is only good for
Worry shame and regret

There is no evil lurking about
Or demonstrating in the streets
Or occupying our own government
That seeks Americas defeat

We are the last best hope
But only if we're on our knees
The terror attacks and plots
Would all stop if we said please

With the correct amount
Of humility and acceptance of pain
It is time for the US and Christians
To come under tyrannical reign

Demons and appeasers
Spew out their foul bile
Shocked that we see them as traitors
Shocked that we see past their vile smiles

transcribed this time
10:14 am


Friday, October 7, 2011

O-Boi brags about forcing Roman Catholic Institutions to provide ALL birth control "services" free of charge.

Push that limit

We don't want to work things out
We don't want to get along
We don't want to sing all your stupid
Kumbiayyaaa songs

We don't want to get over it
We don't want to be polite
If in any way it steps on
The courage it takes to be right

I don't want to compromise
I don't want to be a nice guy
If it's bullsh*t I have to swallow
Or put up with or tolerate or buy

As a matter of fact
I want revenge for insanity's reign
I want the Culture of Corruption Club
To get their fair share of pain

To Hell with all the moderates
And the lame stream media's heroes
All it gets us is put in the hands
Of all the soulless worshipers of O-zero

Forget it
Let's bring'm all down
Bring'm down hard
Run them out of town

Put them in jail
Put them in there for a long long time
Let them be punished for their sedition
Their traitorous acts and crimes

12:24 pm
o'boycare will force Roman Catholic Institutions to provide ALL birth control "services" free of charge.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

White couple killed execution style by blacks

My first suspicion is
The Apocalypse
Will not make appointments

All justice is not an extension of logic
Getting away with it perhaps is...

Hunting them down
Hunting them down in the night
Hunting them down for justice
Hunting them down to do what is right

Moving in along shadow lines
Moving in amongst bushes and trees
Or into a position in a crumbling building
What does it take to protect being free

It's certainly not letting thugs and slugs
Get away with their murderous crime
Vigilant justice will always be to the weak
Enacted far too soon and ahead of it's time

But there on the ground making no sound
Feeling the cool from a recent rain
There will be enough adrenaline
Coursing through the arteries and veins

To stay patient and alert to the task
To keep attention on the job at hand
To see the face of evil and not its mask
One must first inward take a stand

Blessed be the silent stillness
And the shine shape and silhouette
And the moon light reflecting on
That moving pool of black and wet

8:30 pm
White couple shot and killed execution-style by Blacks
The reporter said police want you to know these types of "random" murders are rare.
Yeah sure...


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Rules of Engagement...on our borders

The Rules of Engagement
On our borders and how they apply

Are meant to kill
Are meant to demoralize
Are meant to discourage us all
To give into the lies

They are meant to destroy
Our beautiful nation
They are meant to creat hesitation
In life and death situations

It may be inept or intentional
It makes no difference to me
I see the purpose is to stop us
From living free

It's time to face up
We are at war
And being sold out from within
By opportunists and whores

date as to original writting unclear
just found it on grassfire
a fine basic organization against
But somehow found it necessary to remove this one
when I posted violated terms of participation
what ever that means..
transcribed this time
11:43 am


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is a punk

Soulja Boy thinks he's slick
Thinks he's slippin one by
With another stupid trick

Of put'n down real men
Who stand the line man the wall
Soulja Boi thinks he's hard
But he really ain't got no balls

For back stabbing brothers
Who go out on patrols
Who play the hand they're dealt
And never bluff and never fold

Bless their warrior Souls
Their courage and dedication
They go forth for us all
To protect and preserve this nation

And bitches like Soulja Boy
Got no standing to criticize
All he's got is gang slang hang
That encourages the quote accidental

Killing of four year olds in drive bys

Screw him and his stupid games
To Hell with him and his mouthy ways
He ain't nuthin but fame flame lame
And will reamain a loser's loser

Until his dying day

11:44 am
and yes I know sometimes you lose
part of a certain audience when you
curse....but bitch azz punks really
really piss me off sometimes..
transcribed this time
11:50 am


Saturday, August 27, 2011

God Bless the Angels

God bless the Angels that bring us justice
When others bring down death and pain
God bless the Angels that deliver justice
And know enough to lay no claim by name

Silence is a golden virtue
As is moving up from down wind
The greatist threat is always
Those who would want to be your friend

And know things just to know things
They always want to be in on the story
They want to position themselves
To make that vain grab at some cheap glory

Honor is almost a forgotten trait
Like rain on land in a barren drought
It feeds the soul to make it whole
And does not wither before doubt


God bless the Angels that can travel
And gather up what they need
Without exposing themselves to the net
Put out by those born of evil seed

The days are coming for the changes
Wrought by storms and double lightning strikes
Some times even in the same place
If such is necessary to the fight

There are forces moving around us
They are despot driven and grim
God Bless the Angels that are among us
That will deliver us from them

11:00 am
transcribed this time
11:06 pm


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taking a moment....

Who the Hell were those Chopper pilots

That flew in through the rain
Who the Hell were those men
Who picked up the bloodied and in pain

Who was it that brought us our ammo
Who was it that pulled us out
Who flew in through a hail of gunfire
Past all the fear tears and doubt

Who was it that was exhausted
But kept the blades level and steady
Who no matter what time it was
Always seemed to be at the ready

Who took us into the war
And then took us back out again
Who watched us in anguish cry
Over the body of a fallen friend

Who flew in with the mail
With letters of family love
Who flew missions of mercy
And could still bring down fire from above

Who the Hell were those Chopper pilots
Who gave it everything they had
Like every fighting man before and after me
I mean it when I say

Those Magnificent Bastards were bad

2:46 pm
with specific respect in honor of
CW-2, and Apache's at Dawn.
To all whose lives were affected,
even though they be gone,

By Hueys Cobras and Apaches
Or others now known by different names
The heart guts and bravery that fly them
I still believe

Remain the same
transcribed this time
10:23 am


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Appeasement is for losers
Appeasement is for fools
Appeasement invites disasters
Because some don't obey any rules

Coddling is for babies
Not illegals invading our land
What once they used to ask for
Now they openly demand

You bring danger to this country
To your neighbors and friends
When you stick your head in the sand
Put your blinders on and pretend

Everything is alright
Every one is the same
With all this evil goin down
But no one is to blame

No more stupid nice guy
No more drooling kind face
No more gutless wonders
Slippin the knife into the back of grace

Have no doubt about it
The Illegals are an invasion
And it will not be stopped
By an appeal through persuasion

They need to experience punishment
Their crimes must have consequence
They need to get it through their thick heads
To stay on the other side of the damned fence

10:40 am


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

They will

They will fight back

And they will be blamed
They will be sold out
By those who are insane

With Multi-culturalism
Drilled into their head
Every excuse in the world
As to why it's ok they're dead

They know they're being targeted
They know they're being hunted down
They know they're being punked out
By a bunch of Race Hustler Clowns

But nothing changes fast enough
They're bullied and beat up at school
While neutered neutral drones tell them
All about the fairness of the rules

And the media gives no coverage
To gangs murder rape ruin and crime
As long as it's black on white
They haven't got the inclination or time

Oh but it is not the same
It is not the same with white rage
Oh Hell No Hell No we all know
That goes right to the front page

And stays there
You little white kids better get it understood
Or else those big bad scarey blacks
Will kick your ass good

And you'll know you deserve it
And know it should be just waved on by
The adults aren't gonna back you up
So give up give in and

Have yourself a nice cry

12:57 pm
From the news article from CNN:

"On a recent Sunday morning just before dawn, two carloads of white teenagers drove to Jackson, Mississippi, on what the county district attorney says was a mission of hate: to find and hurt a black person.
In a parking lot on the western side of town they found their victim.
James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, was standing in a parking lot, near his car. The teens allegedly beat Anderson repeatedly, yelled racial epithets, including "White Power!" according to witnesses.
Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith says a group of the teens then climbed into their large Ford F250 green pickup truck, floored the gas, and drove the truck right over Anderson, killing him instantly."

The comments below are from a clear headed individual whom I shall leave

"Golly, now, all of a sudden, this race crime is national news. Did Christian and Newsome get the same treatment? Do the "flash mobs" that appear to be a weekly occurrence now rate this kind of coverage? Nope, the MSM wait it out until a crime happens that fits the narrative they want to ram down the public's throats. Yep, only white youth are violent racists."

"BTW, this is only an inkling of what the future will bring because it's pretty obvious that the government has no intention of protecting whites from race crimes; so don't be surprised when whites start organizing themselves along racial lines, committing the same unjust acts that are now being tolerated and even promoted against them by the government, MSM, and popular culture out of Hollywood and NY."

transcribed this time
9:39 am


Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr Band Aid Purple Heart is at it again

Boy that John Kerry is quite a guy

Him and that horse face
Have been around for way too long
Everybody with an ounce of integrity
Is sick of his doin us wrong

He threw his medals over walls
He testified and out right lied
He betrayed the men still fighting
And dishonored those who died

He told those who lived
They ought to be ashamed
He's a loser abuser false accuser
Of who should be to blame

He said our soldiers deliberately
Terrorized civilians in the dead of night
He's Jihad Jane's political brother
And upon this nation brings a blight

Every time he breaths
Every time he speaks
He's drenched in his own self importance
If haughtiness were a cologne

He'd absolutely reek

He's a serial gigolo
He marries money to cover his nut
He puts his finger in the political winds
To see how often he needs to

Stick his nose up Obama's butt

11:07 am
transcribed this time
11:33 am


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who are we

We are the Resistance

We are the Revolution
We are the Crusades
We are Freedoms Solution
And will not quit or fade

We will step up to work
With one another every day
We will research our knowledge
We will fight to have our say

We want to do it peacefully
But we will not die on our knees
We were born standing up
And talking as we please

We see what's goin on
We see what's being done
And no damn tyrant on this earth
Will be taking from us our guns

We will back each other up
Stand by one another's side
Family friends abilities and patriotism
We will not cower and hide

Nor will we be lured into
Making tactical blunders
We may appear at times
Serene in the dream

But we maintain the option
Of both lighting and thunder

12:02 pm
transcribed this time
3:00 pm


Love Song for an Obama Zombie

On the other hand
I am qualified to judge you like that


You're an idiot and a wimp
A Half wit nit pick after your own tail
You don't like open minded truth
And do everything you can to make it fail

You're a punk and a parasite
You stand for nothing at all
You don't care if freedom survives
Only that from your perch you don't fall

You're whiney and a cry baby
You spell Suck-cess with a K
You're nuthing but another dumb azz
Who thinks he has something to say

Go worship your own face
Praise your Communist cell
Sell out every ounce of human grace
As you ride that train of pain

Straight to Hell

1:01 pm
transcribed this time
2:56 pm


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pulled from the car

There's nuthin as purty

There's nuthin as purty as a white boy
Down upon his knees
With his mouth wide open
And the brothers knowin they get to do as they please

As they rape and sodomize his girlfriend
Before his horrified eyes
They get to do what they want
Before the blood loss and shock make'm die

There's nuthin as purty as a white girl
Who's crying terrifying and scared
There's nuthin more fun than degrading her
Cause that's what she gets for bein fair haired

There's nuthin quite as empowering
As spending the money from their ATM card
And laughin right out loud about it
Cause you're gangsta tough and hard


Oh yeah....

There's nuthin like smashing out teeth
There's nuthin like beatin an old man
There's nuthin quite as funny as those
Who try to understand

Why he gets pulled him from his car
And kicked in the body face and head
By the poor disaffected black youth
Tryin to find their own truth


Only evil would call you evil
For thinking of ways to make them dead

5:42 pm
transcribed this time
5:48 pm


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bite Me calls patriotic Americans .....terrorists

He did say it
He didn't say it

Maybe it's not
What he really meant
Maybe he lost control
With all that money to be spent

Maybe he's a dufus
Maybe he's a clutz
Maybe it's a whole bunch
Of if ands and buts

Whatever suits the lefts
Double Standard take
They get to do what they want
And you're supposed to be the flake

Why don't you shut up
And hand over your wallet now
You act like your freedom
Is some kind of Holy Cow

We don't care what we do
We don't care about your pain
We told you from the start
We're lookin to make a fundamental change

9:41 am
transcribed this time
10:08 am


Van Jones

Van Jones

Is a flat out Communist
Completely and totally self proclaimed
And according to him it is
It is everyone else that is lame

He was appointed by Obama
A Leninist Marxist by deed
Many of my Marine brothers have died
Following this Head Narcissist in Chiefs lead

9:47 am
transcribed this time
10:06 am


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As to Appeasement and the deaths in Norway


I can't believe you can't endlessly push on white people
To be tolerant and let everyone into their home land
Even if it brings in danger or seems to be part of some
Larger Jihad Bring on the Caliphate Allah Akbar plan

This can be used as an excellent example to push
On them even more in every area and every way
This makes all Christians just like all Muslims
Now is the time to morally equivocate all the live long day

More Somalians need to be brought in
More Mosques need to be built wherever they prefer
Any questioning of the wisdom of this should be
Looked upon as nothing but creating a bias stir

Open minded means endless toleration of everything
Every religion Ever culture is equal and the same
Any one who questions the wisdom of this
Can be clearly seen as to be of primary blame

One can never go too far or over react
By going to an extreme to prove oneself fair
Tough factual real world analysis will never do
Only that odd guilt and self hatred can get us anywhere

This writing should definitely be looked upon suspiciously
To say Muslims practice a religion of peace is to have an open mind
To say that White Christians have ever been targeted
Is presenting as prejudice ignorant bigoted and blind

Appeasement can never ever never be
Pushed to the point of committing national suicide
Even if results turn deadly destructive and disastrous
The people can not be left to decide

The left should now be guaranteed sole right
To make up the rules about how we live and die
Hassan and his ilk are indicative of nothing
They should all just be allowed to slide right by

Long live the efite elite
Long live their sanctimonious ways
They have after all gloriously proved they know
Exactly what to do Exactly what to say

Give up your borders and language
Turn your cheeks and close your eyes
Tell your youth to look for the deep insight
Behind what radical Islam means when they say

The West Should die

5:55 pm
transcribed this time
7:06 pm


Oba Mama volunteers to pimp for La Raza....crowds cheer

Anyone against La Raza
Is Racist

They get to do what they want
They are the oppressed yet brave
The USA is really their land
It is their culture we all have to save

The very very least whites can do
Is get the Hell out of the way
And if it's not something nice
They shouldn't have anything to say

La Raza is made up of a proud people
Who know who they are down deep
Last thing they need is a difference of opinion
Spouted off by a bunch of racist creeps

And that's all their opponents are
Nothing less Nothing more
The wonderful Mr Obama understands this
And wants to help open their doors

0:02 am
transcribed this time
9:07 am


Friday, July 22, 2011

Bill Maher isn't funny.....take 2

Bill Maher isn't funny
Take 2

Bill Maher isn't cool
The only people who think so
Are absolute idiot fools

He hates women
He hates men
He hates anybody
To the right of him

He's a sicko
And a tyrant's sycophant
He likes to think he's edgy
But he's just on another slant rant

He's a lame fame whore
Look for somebody to applaud
But really all he is...
Is a cheap shallow and

Utterly contemptible fraud

12:03 pm
transcribed this time
12:16 pm


See Something Say Something

Yeah Yeah

I see 20 million illegals
That have invaded my home
And those who ignore them
Because they have no back bone

Or worse yet
Encourage this lawless invasion
No border defined as necessary
Just opportunism at the situation

I see gangs marauding everywhere
And being treated like fluff
As they rob murder and deal drugs
With no interference from cream puffs

I see a democratic party
That is actually a communist front
And every one of their acts of treason
Written off as but mere dismissible stunts

I see the main lame stream press
Pushing truth and honor aside
I see their twisting spinning sedition
Here to take us all for a ride

Straight to Hell exposing us
To real threats from without
Any act of patriotism and self defense
Is constantly berated and treated with doubt

I see evil walking our land
I see those who push compromise
Those who pretend to be on our side
And then sell us out with fraud deceit and lies

See Something
Say Something

I see thieves and whores
I see leftist pushing their extreme
I see Soros flat out trying to fund
The destruction of the American Dream

I see a stinking Socialist in the White House
I see an Attorney General of the USA
As worse than a common criminal
Who will do anything to get his way

I see Home Land Security
Being played as if it was a game
And every God fearing returning Vet
Told they are the ones to blame

I see gas prices going up
I see food prices going up
I see idiots telling me it's ok
I see the arrogance of the corrupt

See Something
Say Something

I see ROE's killing good men
I'm seeing the military being told
That gay is the way
And chaplains aren't there to comfort the soul

But to marry queers
And to help push this social experimentation
Like yeah that's what's way more important
Than say defending this nation


I'll see something and say something
But it won't be to you
You're just here for yourself
And to make sure the rest of us

Get screwed

10:01 am
transcribed this time
10:09 am


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Debbie expects to get away with her usual crap...but gets called out

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Is a lying manipulative pig

Throwin out her usual
Double standard twitchy pitch
She is what she is
And that includes being a bitch

She feels like she can spew
Out her hatred and ugly puke
And expects to not be called out
Expects she is beyond rebuke

We're sick of tired of it
I think we've all had enough
Of those who hate a man
For being strong independent and tough

This special privilege crap
This Holy Victim dance
Is nothing but a con job
To get away with stupid rant chants

Wasserman is vile and disgusting
An ugly witch given the caldron a stir
And that's not an intended insult
That is just accurately describing her

10:38 am
transcribed this time
9:05 am


To those who want to disarm us

You think you want to

Take away my guns
My means of protecting myself
Like self defense is alright
As long as it's left to somebody else

You are quite mad indeed
You are also evil beyond compare
If you come for my freedom
You're comin for a fight I swear

You are petty mean and stupid
To want to take away my right
To bear arms and speak freely
Honestly you're not too bright

We love our families and nation
You will not do us harm
And not pay a very severe price
Your life is not all that charmed

We need no serpent tongued lectures
We need no conniving and lying
We know that it is not mere conjecture
That you'd rather see us all dying

Than not subjected to your power
Than not before you on bended knee
But you better bring it and bring it hard
If you're coming for me

You slimy low life bully
You arrogant obnoxious fool
It's all just a game to you
And you're Hell bent on making the rules

I will stand with my brothers and others
I will do it even if all alone
And even though the way be ragged and jagged

My heart and soul
Will push on toward home

10:26 am
transcribed this time
10:24 am


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Read between the lines

You rotten stinking racist white people
Absolutely make me sick
You are the lowest of the low
And will use every dirty trick

Nope you can't fool her
Uh huh not even on a good day No siree
There's no way to put one over
On open minded Sheila Jackson Lee

She's smart and fair way down deep
She's no race card pimp and that's no lie
You can see the intelligence gleaming
Streaming screaming out of her eyes

If everybody would just do
What ever Obama says to do
We wouldn't be having these arguments
And all these different points of view

Americans need to pay more taxes
And Obama needs to spend more
And if you don't agree with that
You just need to just hit the door

And take your white racist stinking
Attitude with you as you go
Yep that Sheila Jackson Lee
Is such a shining example

She just glows

10:45 am
transcribed this time
10:48 am


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shovel Ready

As in dig your own grave
Kneel down on your knees
Say what ever you want
You can even say pretty please

But they will pull the trigger
They will put a bullet in your head
They will rob you of everything
And laugh as you fall dead

Into the ditch you dug
Into the hard cold earth
You have no intrinsic value
Only what they say you are worth

Hand over all your money
Don't disagree just do as you're told
Hand over all of your freedom
Hand over your very soul

For they have got all the answers
They've got it all figured out
You just do as they say
And soon there will be no doubt

Yes yes there you go
Take your daughters hand
Never mind that gun fire
Don't disrupt the plan

Yes yes there you go
Quiet your sons do as they command
Pray real quietly now
And bow your heads

Soon you will understand

5:08 pm
transcribed this time
1:25 pm


Flash Mobs Wilding and deliberately being targeted

Flash mobs Wilding
And deliberately being targeted


My hope would be

That my son would fall bleeding to the ground
Before he lifted a hand against an attack by a black
We have sinned against them mightily in the past
And there is no way we can ever pay them back

My hope would be that he would curl up
If he was taking kicks to the body and head
And assure them over and over through bloody lips
That he is not a racist and would say so

Until they day he was dead

How ugly has been the heritage of the white man
How truly ashamed we should all be
Only gushing words of apology for slavery
Even if they were raping his girl friend in front of him

So he could see

How righteously angry these misunderstood youth
Are as they express themselves on the street
You can hear the hurt in their voices as they scream
Hey Yo Whitely Yo Azzz is jus about to get beat

My only hope would be that he would even tell them
Where his parents and friends lived
As they pulled his wallet out from his pants
We are the blue eyed devils their kind can never forgive

And so
We deserve this flash mob violence and wilding
We deserve the deliberate targeting and hate
We deserve what we have brought upon ourselves
We deserve the most unmerciful of fate

How righteously angry these misunderstood youth
Are as they express themselves on the street
You can hear the hurt in their voices as they scream
Hey Yo Whitely Yo Azzz is jus about to get beat

I'm sorry my son we brought this on you
I'm not a racist is what this is all about
And no matter how many witnesses you have
It's no wonder the police have their doubts

No use blowing it up as too big a deal
We don't want a race riot on our hands
Come on now son lay there and take it
Learn to be Learn to be

A .... good white man

12:44 pm


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

But it's the policy

Stupid stinking American Soldier

What's with all this faith in God crap
What's with all this free speech at his death
They're just ignorant military boys
Who were lucky to draw in a breath

That was a daring progressive woman
Who put that policy out for all to see
That we are indeed living in the US
We are indeed the land of liberty

Nobody has the right to use as an excuse
The death of a military woman or man
To mouth off all their right wing extremism
Babbling about divinity as a way to understand

This woman of courage should be promoted
And asked to speak at college graduations
She is the kind that inspires and moves us
To make this a better nation

Stupid stinking American Soldier
What does everybody get a free pass
Because he's dead He joined the military
What did everyone expect dumb ass

9:34 am
transcribed this time
12:10 pm
In Houston a VA burial ground
had a statement put out about
there not being any more praying
allowed especially using words like
Jesus and God.....


Sunday, July 3, 2011

The ATF and the gun give away to Drug Cartels

You think you want to

Take away my guns
My means of protecting myself
Like self defense is alright
As long as it's left to somebody else

You are quite mad indeed
You are also evil beyond compare
If you come for my freedom
You're comin for a fight I swear

You are petty mean and stupid
To want to take away my right
To bear arms and speak freely
Honestly you're not too bright

We love our families and nation
You will not do us harm
And not pay a very severe price
Your life is not all that charmed

We need no serpent tongued lectures
We need no conniving and lying
We know that it is not mere conjecture
That you'd rather see us all dying

Than not subjected to your power
Than not before you on bended knee
But you better bring it and bring it hard
If you're coming for me

You slimy low life bully
You arrogant obnoxious fool
It's all just a game to you
And you're Hell bent on making the rules

I will stand with my brothers and others
I will do it even if all alone
And even though the way be ragged and jagged

My heart and soul
Will push on toward home

10:26 am
transcribed this time
10:49 am
How far up ATF
How far up DOJ
All so that they
Our guns take away


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Purple Hearts and Fort Hood

Let not the wounded be forsaken
Let not the fallen go unseen
Know that they did stand in our stead
And live forever in our dreams

With our eternal gratitude
And our deepest heart felt tears
Let us let them know we love them
As our unwavering loyalty and intentions

Are made bright and clean and clear

7:53 pm
transcribed this time
7:57 pm
petition to ensure our soldiers get
their due respect


Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you want to know

If you want to know why I'm upset

It's because Obama gets good Marines killed
With his stupid Roe's
And being that I am one their sacred deaths
Come off as personal to me

If you want to know why I tip over the line

It's because Obama sets the policies
That send guns to Mexico
And now Agent Brian Terry has been killed
So you'll excuse me if I don't flow

Like it's all a conversation
And just words just words just words
I seethe when I see the arrogance and disregard
Of those who set fire to the wings of freedom's birds

If you want to know why I blow up

It's because this life has real enemies and consequence
And it is not some silly boy child's game
And I take it very seriously when my brother protectors
Are subjected to reckless harm damage and pain

8:51 pm
transcribed this time
9:01 pm


Meanwhile over in Denmark

The Vollsmose Outlaws are the enemy
Do not get caught up in the details


The Vollsmose Outlaws are the enemy
They are not criminals they are war
They are building little confidences
That's what these tactics are for

They are heading toward killing
Be it with guns rocks or a knife
They first rob you of respect
And then they come for your life

They are poisoning your culture
They hate you beyond all reason
You are a Western people
For them it is always open season

You must see their remorselessness
They are organized crime
You must use the laws of conspiracy
To round them all up in time

Before more of your women are raped
Before more of your people are attacked
Before your policeman are degraded
To the point they are not afraid

To shoot them in the back

8:49 am
transcribed this time
11:17 am
this is the link to
Muzzies mocking Danish Police


Saturday, June 18, 2011

A slag's response to the Islamic threat

Through Sheila Jackson Lee's

Ignorance and leftist leaning
She leaves us open to attack
Islamic radicalization is moving in
But she does not want to keep track

Of where it's going
Or where it's coming from
She's not afraid of common sense
Over coming her as dumb as they come

She enjoys her exalted position
And the power it gives her to sway
And if regular American families are endangered
Oh well maybe it is their turn now a days

She loves her Holy victimhood
She's down for the struggle and all of that
She doesn't care if she has to lie
Or bend the truth or distort the facts

She'd let OJ out in a minute
She thinks she alone determines what's right
And if you haven't guessed by her actions
Sometimes she's not pro anything

She's just flat out Anti-white

10:38 am
transcribed this time
11:30 am
this is where the link to
her stupid comments will go...


Thursday, June 2, 2011


To be tolerant to the intolerant
Is Suicide
Is asking to have a knife
Taken to our throats
Is begging to be stripped
Of our family life and pride

The issue is not me and mine
The issue is not the West
For we have stood on the cliffs of time
And faced Savage test after Savage test

And Lord knows we haven't been perfect
But at least we don't hate our women for drawing breath
And bury them in the dirt up to their waist
And stone them to death

At least we don't murder them
And call it Honor Killing No No No....Not me
At least we don't let them be raped
With impunity

And any of you crazies who believe that
Jihad Johnny is not after our soul land and head
Can sit right there and watch while
The rest of us take him out back and shoot him dead

1:11 pm
transcribed this time
10:42 am


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Just In

This just in: Sarah Palin steps around Dog Poop ...Lame stream media outraged..says everyone can see she's making an obvious analogy to their roach approach to News.


Brought to you by Urban Guerrilla War Correspondent and Poet

9:22 pm
transcribed this time
10:36 pm


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When do we get to

Put the terrorist who was the shooter
At Fort Hood before a firing squad
When do we get to put him on the
7.62 freight train express to God

It's been long enough and obviously
The creep is guilty as Hell
Which is where he should end up
As we use his bones to ring Freedom's bell

It's bad enough we have to wait
Till after we throw Ovomit out
That we can't get down and eliminate
All that PC crap that led to any doubt

As to what this lunatic was up to
Incident after incident after incident
It's not and isn't any trouble at all
To see what that Jihad Johnny meant

The Head Narcissist In Chief may think
It's jumping to conclusions to declare
This guy needs to have a big red gaping hole
Where his chest used to be breathing air

But Patriots don't


So When
When do we get to

Put the terrorist who was the shooter
At Fort Hood before a firing squad
When do we get to put him on the
7.62 freight train express to God

9:07 pm
transcribed this time
9:19 pm


Monday, May 23, 2011

On O Blah Blah .... Stabbing Israel In The Back

Be it by incompetence
Or direct willful deed
This is a man of malevolence
This is one born of demon seed

11:38 pm
transcribed this time
11:30 am


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A mad man revolutionary takes back his language

Multi-culturalism....There's too many white people in this room
Tolerance.............It's my turn no matter what

Affirmative Action...Infirmative Action


Inclusiveness.....lower the standards for me to be fair

Journalism......We will be the ones to finally do Communism right

Liberal..........Liar, dirt bag, thief,

Moderate......Idiot pretending not to be a liar, dirt bag and a thief

Independent.....Look at me look at me being a (liar, dirt bag and thief)

Democrat....Power seeker with no conscience or set of values

Women's movement....Holes with no souls


9:35 pm
transcribed this time
9:37 pm


Monday, May 16, 2011

Alligator Rock

Alligator Rock
And border line situations

Obama hates us
Obama lies and steals
He could give a damn less
How any of us think or feel

He's a user and abuser
He's hustler and a con
He's looking to use Illegals
As next election's pawns

He hates Republicans
And he definitely hates whites
Unless they're apologists
And always saying he's right

He'll kill you with ROE's
On the border or in Afghanistan
He has no respect for law
And looks down on

The American Fighting man

He's an illusionist and propagandist
He's a liar and a fraud
He reaches out to Muslims
While putting up a front about God

He's a Christian when convenient
He's a Patriot when it works
For him to keep pushing toward tyranny
And generally being a jerk

He's bashing down the economy
And using Unions and goons
And by whenever and whatever means
He leaves office

It will never have been too soon

12:30 pm
with affection and dance steps
to the back beat
transcribed this time
11:51 am


Saturday, May 14, 2011

How dare you

How dare you have a thought out intelligent opinion
How dare you draw in a free breath
To do anything
But apologize and tolerate anything and everything
Even if it brings about corruption and death

1:06 pm
transcribed this time
8:22 am


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama Punks America

He laughs at the citizens
Who don't get in line
With his corrupting lying
Stinking state of mind

Who cares if your son
Or daughter has died
At the hands of some illegal
Driving while his brain is fried

He smirks while talking
How border security is done
He loves forcing the agents
To use a bean bag gun

He mocks and ridicules
He manuevers and demeans
He lies straight out
He hates our values and dreams

He sicks Eric Richard Holder
On Arizona's struggle to survive
Enough is enough
Of this sick slick's shuck and jive

10:24 am
transcribed this time
10:27 am


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama is Dead

Osama is dead
Osama is dead
Osama is dead



I plan on celebrating

By dancing in the street
And passing out candy
By telling every passing stranger
I'm feelin fine and dandy

I want to raise our flag
I want to cheer and wave
I want to thank our troops
For all the courage they gave

Over lo these many years
Thank you for your dedication
There are still brave warriors
And true patriots of this nation

I see my fellow citizens
Celebrating in the street
The ones who know
That in a war

There is a victory or defeat

11:17 am
transcribed this time
11:20 am


Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Obama's opinion

Pelosi was a good speaker
And will be again
Is like saying George Sorry Soros
Really is America's friend

And we all of course will
Breathlessly await
Michael Moore the canker sore's
Exercise video about losing weight

Sure Pelosi was a good speaker
Just like Obama is a good president
Meanwhile most of us can't wait till 2012
To make him the former resident

Him and that idiot Eric Richard Holder
The worst Attorney General in the world
If you don't count Janet Reno
Killing all those Waco boys and girls

But give him a chance yeah
Give these communists more time
And you will ruin our beloved America
And of course show

You are out of your mind

Pelosi was a good speaker
And will be again
Is like saying Hamas is better
Than Israel at being our friend

You have to spend more money
In order to reduce the debt
And anybody that voted for Obama
That isn't filled with regret

Is a serious loser schmoozer
An enemy of the USA
And will lie cheat and steal
Do anything to get their way

Pelosi was a good speaker
And will be again
Says the Illegal Alien
Sharia supporters

Absolutely best friend

10:11 am
transcribed this time
10:15 am


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Rights of Hispanics

The rights of Hispanics

Transcend nationality
Are bigger than the law
Everything everything but
Giving into them is flawed

They are the chosen ones
You are in the way
It is their turn no matter what
Everyday is now their day

If you are an elected Representative
In the USA
It is your job to represent your people
And that's La Raza baby all the way

Being Latino is all that counts
That's what's above it all
It's time for anything that opposes that
To have to take a fall

Any difference of opinion
Is of course defined as oppression
Self righteous anger and entitlement
Are now to be seen as blessings

Use the system against America
Use it especially on the whites
Anything in the name of Brown Pride
Is justified and right

11:33 am
"Representative Luis Guitirrez wants Obama
to grant amnesty by decree..Hugo does it ..right?
transcribed this time
6:16 pm


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reverend Al says only blacks should educate blacks


Get your own money
Get your own schools
Choose your own curriculum
Educate your own damn fools

I'm sick of your whining
Your con jobs and extortion
Who the Hell assigned you
To decide the new proportions

You and Bammy can take off
I seriously don't give a damn
About you or your priorities
And you redistribution scams

10:23 am
Al Sharkstongue wants blacks to be
the only ones who educate blacks..
yeah well this is my reaction


Sunday, April 3, 2011

As if

As if Muslims ever needed a reason
To rape and rob and cheat and steal
As if they've ever been anything
But at odds with what is creative and real

As if

They are not in the 7th Century
And fanatic followers of the Caliphate
They are the monsters of the Mid East
And they are living incarnate hate

They lie to you as a matter of course
They deflect and maneuver and manipulate
They are here to take the West down
It is now we must stand and by our own hand

Guide our own fate

There are betrayers in our midst
Who present appeasement as toleration
They deserve not to live among those of us
Who love and treasure our beloved nation

They speak with twisted serpents tongue
Everything to them is academic debate
They are blind and bound by narcissist delusions
They will get you killed with the spell of hesitate

As if

Muslims needed encouragement
To be as crazy and blood thirsty as they are
The only action they've understood

Is that undertaken by
The Knights of the Templar

8:36 pm
on the news that 12 were killed in the stan
"because" of Koran Burning. and...not to mention
the total disgust I feel for the top down touchy
feelie crap dished out onto the troops
transcribed this time
8:58 pm


Friday, April 1, 2011

The Modern Democrat

The Modern Democrat

Believes in nothing
But gaining acquisition to power
That's all they think about
Every day every minute every hour

They are corruption defined
They literally have no soul
No sense of personal responsibility
They are heartless devious and cold

They steal the peoples money
To use against them when it comes time
For citizens to have a vote that counts
They don't care what's fair they are primed

To lie and cheat and steal
To intimidate hate and subjugate
Any one who gets in their way
They want to usher in tyranny as our fate

They are smug and condescending
The do not debate on the facts
If they can't sell you on their bullshit
They'll stab you in the back

They want your children's minds
They want your money and land
They want your freedom and honor
Now is the time to step to the line

This is our final stand

9:32 am
transcribed this time
9:36 am


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Screw John McCain

He's a suck up and a loser
A poser beyond the pale
He's out for himself
And doesn't care who else fails

He sucks illegals butts
He does reach arounds across the aisle
He does it all for the leftist media
He loves to see them smile

My good friend Teddy Kennedy
What kind of loser ever said that
He'll tell you what you want to hear
But once in it's to Hell with facts

He's an inside betrayer
He needs to be recalled
He's the head Rino Gyno
He's long ago been clipped

He has no ..... where with all

10:17 am
transcribed this time
10:26 am