Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shovel Ready

As in dig your own grave
Kneel down on your knees
Say what ever you want
You can even say pretty please

But they will pull the trigger
They will put a bullet in your head
They will rob you of everything
And laugh as you fall dead

Into the ditch you dug
Into the hard cold earth
You have no intrinsic value
Only what they say you are worth

Hand over all your money
Don't disagree just do as you're told
Hand over all of your freedom
Hand over your very soul

For they have got all the answers
They've got it all figured out
You just do as they say
And soon there will be no doubt

Yes yes there you go
Take your daughters hand
Never mind that gun fire
Don't disrupt the plan

Yes yes there you go
Quiet your sons do as they command
Pray real quietly now
And bow your heads

Soon you will understand

5:08 pm
transcribed this time
1:25 pm


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