Saturday, June 18, 2011

A slag's response to the Islamic threat

Through Sheila Jackson Lee's

Ignorance and leftist leaning
She leaves us open to attack
Islamic radicalization is moving in
But she does not want to keep track

Of where it's going
Or where it's coming from
She's not afraid of common sense
Over coming her as dumb as they come

She enjoys her exalted position
And the power it gives her to sway
And if regular American families are endangered
Oh well maybe it is their turn now a days

She loves her Holy victimhood
She's down for the struggle and all of that
She doesn't care if she has to lie
Or bend the truth or distort the facts

She'd let OJ out in a minute
She thinks she alone determines what's right
And if you haven't guessed by her actions
Sometimes she's not pro anything

She's just flat out Anti-white

10:38 am
transcribed this time
11:30 am
this is where the link to
her stupid comments will go...


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