Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As to Appeasement and the deaths in Norway


I can't believe you can't endlessly push on white people
To be tolerant and let everyone into their home land
Even if it brings in danger or seems to be part of some
Larger Jihad Bring on the Caliphate Allah Akbar plan

This can be used as an excellent example to push
On them even more in every area and every way
This makes all Christians just like all Muslims
Now is the time to morally equivocate all the live long day

More Somalians need to be brought in
More Mosques need to be built wherever they prefer
Any questioning of the wisdom of this should be
Looked upon as nothing but creating a bias stir

Open minded means endless toleration of everything
Every religion Ever culture is equal and the same
Any one who questions the wisdom of this
Can be clearly seen as to be of primary blame

One can never go too far or over react
By going to an extreme to prove oneself fair
Tough factual real world analysis will never do
Only that odd guilt and self hatred can get us anywhere

This writing should definitely be looked upon suspiciously
To say Muslims practice a religion of peace is to have an open mind
To say that White Christians have ever been targeted
Is presenting as prejudice ignorant bigoted and blind

Appeasement can never ever never be
Pushed to the point of committing national suicide
Even if results turn deadly destructive and disastrous
The people can not be left to decide

The left should now be guaranteed sole right
To make up the rules about how we live and die
Hassan and his ilk are indicative of nothing
They should all just be allowed to slide right by

Long live the efite elite
Long live their sanctimonious ways
They have after all gloriously proved they know
Exactly what to do Exactly what to say

Give up your borders and language
Turn your cheeks and close your eyes
Tell your youth to look for the deep insight
Behind what radical Islam means when they say

The West Should die

5:55 pm
transcribed this time
7:06 pm


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