Thursday, October 20, 2011

Khadaffi's last moments

As he tries to sit up
With the blood running down his face
And this is what Obama has brought us to
This moment of International disgrace

As he uses the UN to hide behind
To blur up the accountability
Into something indecipherable
To try to spread out the responsibility

And now everybody involved
Is as wrong as wrong can be
And this is the image of how the US
Strives to bring about being free

This is exactly how you create another
Horror story destined to go out of control
When a leader doesn't step up and take command
Because he lacks the guts and connection to soul

This is what happens when punk
Comes up with how to lead from behind
This is what happens from having no
Warrior heart or steel in the spine

Everybody knows Khadaffi was a bastard
But there he is tortured to death
Right out in front of everybody
For all to see his last agonized death

And this from a Bitch who complained
About water boarding being excessively cruel
Everybody thinks tyrants are monsters
But they're really panty waist fools

Who create chaos and madness
Running wild and crazy in the street
This is the devil incarnate
Rising up to deliver our defeat

And it's brought to us by our own leader
Who presented himself as a man of peace
This is what happens when sanctimony and
Self righteousness connive to make integrity cease

Being the measure of honorable actions
Witness the media singing songs of praise
This is what it looks like when the beast
Is the host of hosts at the feast

Witness the beginning
The beginning of the end days


8:26 pm
transcribed this time
8:28 pm


Friday, October 14, 2011

When Oppression seeks to single you out and crush you down

Power can be beautiful

Sometimes we walk gentle
Along our path upon this earth
Sometimes we are humble
To appreciate the true worth

Of what is the human endeavor
But when evil comes looking to take it all
I'm not afraid to wear my boots
When I go walking down the halls

And yeah you hear me coming
You hear me loud and clear
And I will push past my hesitation
And I will go beyond my fear

And I will stand for freedom
Like Free men have always done
Down through the centuries
The cold deadly nights underneath blistering suns

If you're coming for me
You're comin for blood and war
You can think what you want
But I will guarantee you

Death will be at the door

And if you are a stand back manipulator
Pushing young forces around
You may get away with it for a while
And you may get some of us but we will

We will most definitely hunt you down

And I will blow out your brains
For what you've done to our home land
To our way of life our love our work
With your power mad petty selfish demands

11:03 pm
transcribed this time
10:30 am

If you're an idiot saying ..WE....just know you're not including me

There is never a valid reason

For a nation to defend itself
There is no valid or real threat
Any use of arms is only good for
Worry shame and regret

There is no evil lurking about
Or demonstrating in the streets
Or occupying our own government
That seeks Americas defeat

We are the last best hope
But only if we're on our knees
The terror attacks and plots
Would all stop if we said please

With the correct amount
Of humility and acceptance of pain
It is time for the US and Christians
To come under tyrannical reign

Demons and appeasers
Spew out their foul bile
Shocked that we see them as traitors
Shocked that we see past their vile smiles

transcribed this time
10:14 am


Friday, October 7, 2011

O-Boi brags about forcing Roman Catholic Institutions to provide ALL birth control "services" free of charge.

Push that limit

We don't want to work things out
We don't want to get along
We don't want to sing all your stupid
Kumbiayyaaa songs

We don't want to get over it
We don't want to be polite
If in any way it steps on
The courage it takes to be right

I don't want to compromise
I don't want to be a nice guy
If it's bullsh*t I have to swallow
Or put up with or tolerate or buy

As a matter of fact
I want revenge for insanity's reign
I want the Culture of Corruption Club
To get their fair share of pain

To Hell with all the moderates
And the lame stream media's heroes
All it gets us is put in the hands
Of all the soulless worshipers of O-zero

Forget it
Let's bring'm all down
Bring'm down hard
Run them out of town

Put them in jail
Put them in there for a long long time
Let them be punished for their sedition
Their traitorous acts and crimes

12:24 pm
o'boycare will force Roman Catholic Institutions to provide ALL birth control "services" free of charge.