Thursday, September 29, 2011

White couple killed execution style by blacks

My first suspicion is
The Apocalypse
Will not make appointments

All justice is not an extension of logic
Getting away with it perhaps is...

Hunting them down
Hunting them down in the night
Hunting them down for justice
Hunting them down to do what is right

Moving in along shadow lines
Moving in amongst bushes and trees
Or into a position in a crumbling building
What does it take to protect being free

It's certainly not letting thugs and slugs
Get away with their murderous crime
Vigilant justice will always be to the weak
Enacted far too soon and ahead of it's time

But there on the ground making no sound
Feeling the cool from a recent rain
There will be enough adrenaline
Coursing through the arteries and veins

To stay patient and alert to the task
To keep attention on the job at hand
To see the face of evil and not its mask
One must first inward take a stand

Blessed be the silent stillness
And the shine shape and silhouette
And the moon light reflecting on
That moving pool of black and wet

8:30 pm
White couple shot and killed execution-style by Blacks
The reporter said police want you to know these types of "random" murders are rare.
Yeah sure...


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