Monday, October 29, 2012

A Leaderless Revolution

A Leaderless Revolution

When the line in the sand gets crossed
You should already be prepared
You should already have your values
About what and for whom you care

Nothing will be said out loud
Nothing will be revealed
Plausible Deni-ability will be inherent
In what you say and what you conceal

Rock steady and stay ready
Have your tools cleaned and tuned
Study your pathways in and out
Hail to the coming Blood Red Moon

Move with heart and deliberation
Move with speed and determination
Put steel in your back bone
And buckle up to change the situation

Justice is not an easy day
But it's the only one at hand
If you're a freedom loving woman
If you're going to claim to be a man

Step into the breech
Stand in the door
A warriors soul is within reach
When he's down on the killing floor

9:52 am
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11:24 am


Children of the Future....

Children of the future
Will ask you what was done

Children of the future
Will ask you what was done
Will the answer be one of Silence
And Darkness or one

That let's in the Sun


Yeah I sold guns to the Drug Cartels
And it got Agent Brian Terry Killed
But I can still get by as long as
Chris Matthews leg still has it's thrill

Yeah I made the ROE's that got
Good Marines killed in Afghanistan
And so what if I told the enemy
When we'd be leaving their land

Now there's four dead in Benghazi
And I sat there and watched them die
And oh yes the press has my back jack
When I deliberately intentionally lie

It's like Woodward and Bernstein
Covering up Nixon's cover up
You can't get more sick than that
You can't get more corrupt

But what are you going to do about it
What is it you think you have to say
Which road will you choose
And where will it show

You stood today

2:05 pm
Barrack Insane Obama
Obama Youth Brigade
11:21 am


Sunday, October 28, 2012

My not so polite....inclinations

I knew

I knew from the beginning
I knew from the start
What was on my mind
What was in my heart

I was going to be disappointed
With what Romney would say
But then again I am one
Who even on the best of days

Would want to see Obama
Beaten to the ground
Anything short of that
Seems to me not all that sound

Considering with Obama being
An arrogant dismissive smirky jerk
Who doesn't care if the economy tanks
And millions can't get work

And if people have to die
In the Bloody Mid East
He'd still cancel American Security
And bow before the beast

The whole thing unsettles me
But I will be voting with the right
It's just I've got cross feelings
When it comes to the political fight

Because real people have been killed
Real people were abandoned and betrayed
I've heard better foreign policy
Inside a Donkey's honking bray

It was never a protest
And never was one all along
I can't even begin to tell you
How pissed I am

At how Dingle Barry
Has kept singin the traitors song

11:08 am
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Dark Messiah

The Dark Messiah rises
On the wings of shadows and pain
With all kinds of shifting of blame
And without an ounce of shame

He hides his message of death
Behind half truths silence and lies
He's sees the destruction of the West
As a victory and a prize

He'll say anything and do anything
To maintain powers reins
He has no core of positive values
He's worse than cleverly deranged

He's wicked in his ways
He's slippery in his beliefs
He has no feeling for families suffering
For his methods that bring grief

He'll leave you naked and exposed
He'll leave you open to rape and ruin
No one is supposed to question him
As to what he intends with what he is doing

His minions flutter around him
Foul and craven are their ways
The Knights of the Templar
Would remind us

That there are better days

But not by working with
Or trying to understand
Evil must be put deep asunder
And driven from the land

Who will lift the sword of truth
Who will strike a blow of light
Who will stand and deliver
In this fight for what is right

10:49 am
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Bite Me

What is it with all the smirking
What is it with all the roll eyes
Does that erase incompetence
Does that excuse all the lies

What is it with the arrogance
The smugness beyond belief
Like no one died in Benghazi
Like no families are deep in grief

What is it with the rudeness
The disrespect to the core
Like laughing mockingly and
Being overbearing opens any doors

What is it with the ugliness
That thinks it can't be pushed too far
Arguing with Biden is like arguing
With some ol mean drunk at a bar

He decided ahead of time
He'd talk over and interrupt
Like that will ever gloss over
Being a liar and going all out

To cover up being corrupt

11:33 am
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