Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you want to know

If you want to know why I'm upset

It's because Obama gets good Marines killed
With his stupid Roe's
And being that I am one their sacred deaths
Come off as personal to me

If you want to know why I tip over the line

It's because Obama sets the policies
That send guns to Mexico
And now Agent Brian Terry has been killed
So you'll excuse me if I don't flow

Like it's all a conversation
And just words just words just words
I seethe when I see the arrogance and disregard
Of those who set fire to the wings of freedom's birds

If you want to know why I blow up

It's because this life has real enemies and consequence
And it is not some silly boy child's game
And I take it very seriously when my brother protectors
Are subjected to reckless harm damage and pain

8:51 pm
transcribed this time
9:01 pm


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