Wednesday, July 6, 2011

But it's the policy

Stupid stinking American Soldier

What's with all this faith in God crap
What's with all this free speech at his death
They're just ignorant military boys
Who were lucky to draw in a breath

That was a daring progressive woman
Who put that policy out for all to see
That we are indeed living in the US
We are indeed the land of liberty

Nobody has the right to use as an excuse
The death of a military woman or man
To mouth off all their right wing extremism
Babbling about divinity as a way to understand

This woman of courage should be promoted
And asked to speak at college graduations
She is the kind that inspires and moves us
To make this a better nation

Stupid stinking American Soldier
What does everybody get a free pass
Because he's dead He joined the military
What did everyone expect dumb ass

9:34 am
transcribed this time
12:10 pm
In Houston a VA burial ground
had a statement put out about
there not being any more praying
allowed especially using words like
Jesus and God.....


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