Friday, April 1, 2011

The Modern Democrat

The Modern Democrat

Believes in nothing
But gaining acquisition to power
That's all they think about
Every day every minute every hour

They are corruption defined
They literally have no soul
No sense of personal responsibility
They are heartless devious and cold

They steal the peoples money
To use against them when it comes time
For citizens to have a vote that counts
They don't care what's fair they are primed

To lie and cheat and steal
To intimidate hate and subjugate
Any one who gets in their way
They want to usher in tyranny as our fate

They are smug and condescending
The do not debate on the facts
If they can't sell you on their bullshit
They'll stab you in the back

They want your children's minds
They want your money and land
They want your freedom and honor
Now is the time to step to the line

This is our final stand

9:32 am
transcribed this time
9:36 am


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