Monday, May 16, 2011

Alligator Rock

Alligator Rock
And border line situations

Obama hates us
Obama lies and steals
He could give a damn less
How any of us think or feel

He's a user and abuser
He's hustler and a con
He's looking to use Illegals
As next election's pawns

He hates Republicans
And he definitely hates whites
Unless they're apologists
And always saying he's right

He'll kill you with ROE's
On the border or in Afghanistan
He has no respect for law
And looks down on

The American Fighting man

He's an illusionist and propagandist
He's a liar and a fraud
He reaches out to Muslims
While putting up a front about God

He's a Christian when convenient
He's a Patriot when it works
For him to keep pushing toward tyranny
And generally being a jerk

He's bashing down the economy
And using Unions and goons
And by whenever and whatever means
He leaves office

It will never have been too soon

12:30 pm
with affection and dance steps
to the back beat
transcribed this time
11:51 am


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