Sunday, July 29, 2012

I will not....

I will not fold
I will not relent
I will not give in
Nor give my consent

To give up my freedom
My expression of will
I will hoist my pack
And head over the hill

On what ever mission
Is necessary to take
To strengthen my heart
To never forsake

The sacrifices made
By men gone before
Be they by civil hard work
Or those lost during war

I will not surrender
I will not give in
I will not desert
My brothers in arms

Lovers family and friends

11:42 am
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12:46 am


Ice T

Ice T ain't cool
He ain't tough
He's all mouth
And runnin all fluff

He don't know
What it takes
To be a real man
That's why he's a fake

C'mon Ice T
Rock the world
With your stupid rap crap
Make our toes curl

With your worn out image
With your stale routine
You don't know what you're sayin
Or what you mean

Pimps and pushers
Hookers and thieves
All they're good for
Is to make mothers grieve

But don't wise up
Don't give a damn
Just send the kids to Hell
With a wave of your hand

12:07 pm
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11:27 am


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama is evil

He resides in the devils den
He consults with liars cheaters and thieves
Jackals whores and monsters
And laughs like Hell at the bereaved

Who have had their loved ones fall
To the rotten dirty madness and plan
Of one who long ago sold his soul
And now lives to sell out his fellow man

Obama is evil

He tears at truth and strength
He derides the will to live intelligently and free
He's a liar beyond all measure and compare
He despises those who dare to embrace liberty

He's an exploiter of weakness jealousy and greed
There is only equality by shared misery
Therefore Freedom is the essential threat
To this spawn of inequity and tyranny

9:48 am
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10:06 am