Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who are we

We are the Resistance

We are the Revolution
We are the Crusades
We are Freedoms Solution
And will not quit or fade

We will step up to work
With one another every day
We will research our knowledge
We will fight to have our say

We want to do it peacefully
But we will not die on our knees
We were born standing up
And talking as we please

We see what's goin on
We see what's being done
And no damn tyrant on this earth
Will be taking from us our guns

We will back each other up
Stand by one another's side
Family friends abilities and patriotism
We will not cower and hide

Nor will we be lured into
Making tactical blunders
We may appear at times
Serene in the dream

But we maintain the option
Of both lighting and thunder

12:02 pm
transcribed this time
3:00 pm


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