Sunday, July 3, 2011

The ATF and the gun give away to Drug Cartels

You think you want to

Take away my guns
My means of protecting myself
Like self defense is alright
As long as it's left to somebody else

You are quite mad indeed
You are also evil beyond compare
If you come for my freedom
You're comin for a fight I swear

You are petty mean and stupid
To want to take away my right
To bear arms and speak freely
Honestly you're not too bright

We love our families and nation
You will not do us harm
And not pay a very severe price
Your life is not all that charmed

We need no serpent tongued lectures
We need no conniving and lying
We know that it is not mere conjecture
That you'd rather see us all dying

Than not subjected to your power
Than not before you on bended knee
But you better bring it and bring it hard
If you're coming for me

You slimy low life bully
You arrogant obnoxious fool
It's all just a game to you
And you're Hell bent on making the rules

I will stand with my brothers and others
I will do it even if all alone
And even though the way be ragged and jagged

My heart and soul
Will push on toward home

10:26 am
transcribed this time
10:49 am
How far up ATF
How far up DOJ
All so that they
Our guns take away


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