Saturday, November 10, 2012

237 YEARS...

Oooo Rahhhh and Semper Fi
Happy Birthday Brothers

Let us live by our honor
Do not be tricked or deceived
Out of the blood of battle
Has our very existence been conceived

I salute you and respect you
I call out freedoms name
I say keep your skills about you
For soon once again

We may stand in flames

Neils ..
9:39 am
transcribed this time
10:59 am


Where's your faith

I pay you the only homage I can
From the back of the Viking ship
Set aside for the puke buckets
And of course the scribe

I steal that line
I lay it in the rhyme scheme dream
That is blood and valor
And the strength of honor

And the will to persevere
To press on in the storms
I copy it to paper
I cut it into stone

Who would grovel for consensus
Will never for principal stand
Who would be the first to leap
From the bow when it strikes the sand

Raise your swords
Draw your bows
Look into your hearts
For what the crows already know

Wade into the carnage
Hear the battle cry
Where's your faith
Above the den

But never not in my
Brother warriors fiery fierce eyes

9:08 am
transcribed this time
10:55 am


Thursday, November 8, 2012

We lose votes

For being against abortion
We lose votes
Because we don't go through
Enough contortions

We lose votes
Because we choose light
Because we draw a line
Between wrong and right

We lose votes
Because we work for a living
Because we don't stand in lines
To see what they are giving

We lose votes because we
Think this is a sovereign nation
Because we assert there is a difference
Between legal and illegal immigration

We lose votes
Because we're hetero
And don't just bend
Which ever way the wind blows

We lose votes because we
Believe in fiscal responsibility
And think it a main stay
In remaining free

We lose votes because
We research and think
We lose votes because
We're not as stupid as Code Pink

We lose votes because
With evil you can not compromise
We lose votes because
Truth is more valuable than lies

We lose votes because
We fight back
Instead of smile
When stabbed in the back

10:14 am
transcribed this time
7:49 pm


Monday, November 5, 2012

When the Seals were called

When the Seals were called up
Bin Laden Died
When the Seals called
They were Denied


The Dark Messiah is in the wings
Waiting for his reaffirmation
Waiting for the mantel of power
To destroy this freedom loving Nation

This is the last chance
To make a peaceful change
Step up and be counted
Step up and defeat the traitors game

Hell is coming
If he is reappointed
By the New Communist Party
The Democraps want him to remain anointed

And beyond challenge
Beyond accountability
Beyond our hearts yearning
To ever be free

Fast and Furious
Benghazi rules
The flames roar up
And on is poured more fuel

Commanding you
To go along
To go to bended knee
Where you belong

But a storm is coming
One way or another
Judgement will be wrought
Upon evil and those that give them cover

I will not give up
I will not give in
I will not stop
Once it begins

I will not surrender
Though my foes abound
And even if betrayed
I will not stand down

10:43 am
transcribed this time
12:16 pm


Thursday, November 1, 2012

What a light

She shines so bright
She shines so clear
She brings laughter to our gut
And to our eyes a tear

For the suffering
And needless pain
Caused by the con job
That spins around a names

Don't say the N word
Or we'll bring in knives
To put in your back
To slice up your lives

She calls out the language police
And she does it right to their face
Piers Morgan found out what it was like
To deal with beauty and grace

She's our Earth angel
Who lifts up on the wings
Of her words and ideas
She is the song the intellect sings

When it faces up to challenges
When it faces up to time
She certainly does her homework
And isn't afraid to speak her mind

And in doing so
Touches us all
Hey....even when she's sitting
You know she stands tall

10:54 am
Ann Coulter has a new book out....
transcribed this time
12:50 pm


Monday, October 29, 2012

A Leaderless Revolution

A Leaderless Revolution

When the line in the sand gets crossed
You should already be prepared
You should already have your values
About what and for whom you care

Nothing will be said out loud
Nothing will be revealed
Plausible Deni-ability will be inherent
In what you say and what you conceal

Rock steady and stay ready
Have your tools cleaned and tuned
Study your pathways in and out
Hail to the coming Blood Red Moon

Move with heart and deliberation
Move with speed and determination
Put steel in your back bone
And buckle up to change the situation

Justice is not an easy day
But it's the only one at hand
If you're a freedom loving woman
If you're going to claim to be a man

Step into the breech
Stand in the door
A warriors soul is within reach
When he's down on the killing floor

9:52 am
transcribed this time
11:24 am


Children of the Future....

Children of the future
Will ask you what was done

Children of the future
Will ask you what was done
Will the answer be one of Silence
And Darkness or one

That let's in the Sun


Yeah I sold guns to the Drug Cartels
And it got Agent Brian Terry Killed
But I can still get by as long as
Chris Matthews leg still has it's thrill

Yeah I made the ROE's that got
Good Marines killed in Afghanistan
And so what if I told the enemy
When we'd be leaving their land

Now there's four dead in Benghazi
And I sat there and watched them die
And oh yes the press has my back jack
When I deliberately intentionally lie

It's like Woodward and Bernstein
Covering up Nixon's cover up
You can't get more sick than that
You can't get more corrupt

But what are you going to do about it
What is it you think you have to say
Which road will you choose
And where will it show

You stood today

2:05 pm
Barrack Insane Obama
Obama Youth Brigade
11:21 am


Sunday, October 28, 2012

My not so polite....inclinations

I knew

I knew from the beginning
I knew from the start
What was on my mind
What was in my heart

I was going to be disappointed
With what Romney would say
But then again I am one
Who even on the best of days

Would want to see Obama
Beaten to the ground
Anything short of that
Seems to me not all that sound

Considering with Obama being
An arrogant dismissive smirky jerk
Who doesn't care if the economy tanks
And millions can't get work

And if people have to die
In the Bloody Mid East
He'd still cancel American Security
And bow before the beast

The whole thing unsettles me
But I will be voting with the right
It's just I've got cross feelings
When it comes to the political fight

Because real people have been killed
Real people were abandoned and betrayed
I've heard better foreign policy
Inside a Donkey's honking bray

It was never a protest
And never was one all along
I can't even begin to tell you
How pissed I am

At how Dingle Barry
Has kept singin the traitors song

11:08 am
transcribed this time
11:53 am


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Dark Messiah

The Dark Messiah rises
On the wings of shadows and pain
With all kinds of shifting of blame
And without an ounce of shame

He hides his message of death
Behind half truths silence and lies
He's sees the destruction of the West
As a victory and a prize

He'll say anything and do anything
To maintain powers reins
He has no core of positive values
He's worse than cleverly deranged

He's wicked in his ways
He's slippery in his beliefs
He has no feeling for families suffering
For his methods that bring grief

He'll leave you naked and exposed
He'll leave you open to rape and ruin
No one is supposed to question him
As to what he intends with what he is doing

His minions flutter around him
Foul and craven are their ways
The Knights of the Templar
Would remind us

That there are better days

But not by working with
Or trying to understand
Evil must be put deep asunder
And driven from the land

Who will lift the sword of truth
Who will strike a blow of light
Who will stand and deliver
In this fight for what is right

10:49 am
transcribed this time
10:57 am

Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Bite Me

What is it with all the smirking
What is it with all the roll eyes
Does that erase incompetence
Does that excuse all the lies

What is it with the arrogance
The smugness beyond belief
Like no one died in Benghazi
Like no families are deep in grief

What is it with the rudeness
The disrespect to the core
Like laughing mockingly and
Being overbearing opens any doors

What is it with the ugliness
That thinks it can't be pushed too far
Arguing with Biden is like arguing
With some ol mean drunk at a bar

He decided ahead of time
He'd talk over and interrupt
Like that will ever gloss over
Being a liar and going all out

To cover up being corrupt

11:33 am
transcribed this time
11:38 am

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Options and Opportunities

I would kill

I would kill all the seventh century savages
Who thinks killing dogs is cool
I'd rage down on them in a reign of pain
I'd slaughter each and every one of those fools

No mercy would be given
Not one step back would be taken
There is beauty and loyalty in this world
And I will not leave it forsaken

I'd lay these son of a bitches out
Whether it be by gun hand or knife
I would take from them their everything
I would take from them their life

There is no room for such cruelty
For such sick sadistic obsessions
I would be coming for them 100 %
And there would be not one concession

Let us build a roaring bon fire
Let us bulldoze out a hole
That we may bury their rotting bodies
Their bodies that clearly have no souls

11:38 pm
transcribed this time
1:10 am
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Islam is

Islam is
The Religion of Peace
And Sharia is the way

The state pays for your clitorectomies
They give you a clear dress code to wear
They spell it out clearly and directly
How dare an ankle ever be bare

Real women like to walk behind men
And slightly to the side
Because Islam is the religion
That gives women back their pride

If women don't have two men
To state that she's been raped
What the Hell is wrong with her
Her common sense must have escaped

Sharia ensures that girls
Don't have to be bothered by school
After all where would we be
Without all these wonderful rules

Written by a guy
Who had a nine year old bride
So much goodness going around
It takes a lot to hide

The utter disdain good Muslims
Have way down deep
Western Women are so corrupt
Their ambitions gives good men the creeps

Real men wear a suicide vest
Because The West weaves an evil spell
73 Virgins all await in Paradise
By geniuses who blow themselves

All to Hell

How can a woman resist
How can good women ever criticize
A way of worship
That preaches teaches it's ok to lie

How can a good woman
Not completely and totally swoon
Andy Williams had it all wrong in his song
It's River Styx

That leads to the moon

9:48 am
transcribed this time
1:39 pm



Dear God

Please let me be on a fast boat
Let it be the best I ever gave
When I machine gun rip it up and
Put Somali Pirates in a watery grave

10:5 am
transcribed this time
9:09 am


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I am

I am sick and tired of
This apology crap

The worst that can happen
To this idiot in chief
Is what I hope for
For this rotten stinking thief

He hands out massive cover ups
Like they were all consequences free
He has a Ambassador to the UN
Come out and spout off insanity

The Libyan president says they
Knew what was going down
Obama's doctrine is the
Chamberlain doctrine come back around

The Monsters want to kill us
And did so in this case
Death to America Death to America
They say it right to our face

Our ugly smug leftist media
Reveal nothing about our Seals
All the facts are twisted
If not outright concealed

Real Americans are outraged
We honor these real men of our times
We know that they are but after thoughts
In Obama's Marxist communist mind

The world is on fire and
We've all got a heavy load
And what are we to Obama
Nothing but bumps in the road

Bumps in the road

10:26 am

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today's to do list

Burn a Koran
Piss on some Haji dead
Laugh at some cartoon
Of Mohammed with a bomb

As the turban on his Rag Head

Buy a lot of bacon
Cook it up and eat it with eggs
Then pour off the grease
Onto the bullets I have

Because I'm not going to beg

For forgiveness or understanding
From some seventh century psychos
Who think their going to tell me
Which way the wind blows

I'm not going to give in
I'm not going to give up
My freedom My homeland
To the openly naked crazy and corrupt

11:47 am

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Scum Bag Press

There you go again

With what you print
And what you don't print
They claim their lies are truth
And claim to know what you really meant

The cover up is plain to see
No little film caused all this
But still they stick their heads in the sand
And going on in a stupid kind of bliss

They don't have to think
They are the Pravda of the West
They are here to screw America
And are seriously trying their best

They stand behind their Demi-God
The Middle East is ablaze
This dear leader is their prophet
In these end of days

The Arab Spring bore a child
And it grew up to kick in a door
Burn an Embassy down
And then rape and kill an Ambassador

10:43 am
transcribed this time
10:45 am


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Press Are Whores

The Press are whores
And an enemy of the people

He took not a single question about
His policy in the Middle East
Not one question about why he doesn't
Consider the Muslim Brother Hood the beast

The Main Stream Yellow Media
Are stenographers for this corrupt regime
That cares no one whit for our security
Or what it takes for Freedom to dream

The Press is more than slanted
Not one question about Israel's defense
They say they are for the Jews
But you know it's all shallow pretense

They support Sharia law
By questioning the right to free speech
They just ignore our individual rights
And go to put our way of life out of reach

Nobody has asked Obama about
The last time he attended an intelligence meeting
Have you got anything for him
Besides sycophant soft balls and pleasant greetings

How about why is he immediately off to a fund raiser
Why is he not planning to retaliate
For the Murder of our Ambassador and Marines
By those Jihadists filled with crazy hate

What about the Arab Spring
Do you think this monstrous tragedy
The direct result of all that stinking
Horrific crazy suck Sharia law insanity

He's got no time for Netanyahu
Because Buck Toothed comediennes are his choice
Ovomit takes no questions when he gives
Press Conferences to hear his own voice

The Press are more complicit with tyranny
Than Pravda ever dreamed
They provide excuses for our enemies
And back every hair brained scheme

They attack the patriotic
They go to take good people down
They appear to me to claim
Sodom and Gomorrah

As their black hearts and souls home town

I despise the leftist media
I despise them and all they stand for
They are an enemy of the people
And on their best day

Truly low rent whores

5:00 pm
transcribed this time
5:23 pm


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ambassador and Marines Murdered in Libya Embassy is burned down As thousands quote....protest

I want to kill all of them

It got out of hand
Is that what it's being called
It's time now for the enemy to die
It is time for the bodies to fall

We now have a pretend prez-a-dent
Who for the Jihadist does sympathize
He doesn't have time for Israel
He wears his disquise of lies

The Ambassador didn't pass away
He was murdered outright
They are seriously asking for it
C'mon let's give'm a fight

Let's straffe those bastards
As they scream out their hate
Let's hit'm with 30 millimeter cannons
Let's let Fifty calibre gunners seal their fate

I've had enough of them
And this stinking tendency to appease
By the scum bag symp wimps
Who only seek the please

The killers of coptic Christians
The killers of women and men
Whose only crime was that
They believed different than them

No mercy no hold back
I'd like a cluster bomb to explode
Screw them and they're being offended
I'd put Mohammed's head in a commode

I'd rip off their heads and piss down their necks
I'd break their arms and smash their face
I'd teach and teach'm well
All about what a Crusader considers grace

8:33 am
Ambassador and Marines
Murdered in Libya
Embassy is burned down
As thousands quote....protest
transcribed this time
9:03 am


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reaching for the Judas hand..


Prepare yourself for justice
To come down hard on you
We're sick of and not blind
To the harm that you do

Pretend that you care
How shallow are your ways
Prepare yourself for justice
That will be your end of days

You are a blatant encourager
Of blasphemy and evil lies
The monster comes at you openly
With but a thread thin disguise

Turn your back on those
Who have been slaughtered and burned
You reach for the Judas hand
Because you ignorantly insistently

Refuse to learn

10:47 am
* Be aware
stand ready and prepare

do NOT look at this link, if you wish remain blissfully ignorant


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time To Know

When to draw the line
When to prepare for those
Utterly out of those out of their minds

And those that support them
By how much they'll tolerate
It's crazy to appease
When it's totally murderous hate

We have those among us
Who hold us all back
Those cold timid souls
Who stab us in the back

With their sickeningly wretched
Psycho sick version of grace
They lie to themselves
Of course they'll lie to our face

They petition for caution
They beseech in the name of peace
And they will continue to do so
Till our ability to survive does cease

Along with our dogs and cats
Along with our family lovers and friends
They are our Judas goats
And I will not follow them to my end

Let us prepare
Body Soul and Mind
For the return to prominence
Of the warriors heart

Is what we must seek and find

8:16 pm
transcribed this time
8:19 pm


Monday, August 13, 2012

Another love letter to Ann

You can not help but love

When you see her heart like this
Burning with the fire of insight
Not one day of life through false peace
One must always be willing to fight

One must be willing to take a stand
Gabriels horns call us once again with the sound
That says we must be willing to scale the walls
To burn it all down to the ground

We must step on to the field
With our honor and integrity intact
We must want more than to simply
To survive our enemies attack

Those who call for timidity to be
Our only response over and over again
Do not speak for me or my brothers
Nor my love my family my friends

10:27 am
transcribed this time
10:32 am


Sunday, July 29, 2012

I will not....

I will not fold
I will not relent
I will not give in
Nor give my consent

To give up my freedom
My expression of will
I will hoist my pack
And head over the hill

On what ever mission
Is necessary to take
To strengthen my heart
To never forsake

The sacrifices made
By men gone before
Be they by civil hard work
Or those lost during war

I will not surrender
I will not give in
I will not desert
My brothers in arms

Lovers family and friends

11:42 am
transcribed this time
12:46 am


Ice T

Ice T ain't cool
He ain't tough
He's all mouth
And runnin all fluff

He don't know
What it takes
To be a real man
That's why he's a fake

C'mon Ice T
Rock the world
With your stupid rap crap
Make our toes curl

With your worn out image
With your stale routine
You don't know what you're sayin
Or what you mean

Pimps and pushers
Hookers and thieves
All they're good for
Is to make mothers grieve

But don't wise up
Don't give a damn
Just send the kids to Hell
With a wave of your hand

12:07 pm
transcribed this time
11:27 am


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama is evil

He resides in the devils den
He consults with liars cheaters and thieves
Jackals whores and monsters
And laughs like Hell at the bereaved

Who have had their loved ones fall
To the rotten dirty madness and plan
Of one who long ago sold his soul
And now lives to sell out his fellow man

Obama is evil

He tears at truth and strength
He derides the will to live intelligently and free
He's a liar beyond all measure and compare
He despises those who dare to embrace liberty

He's an exploiter of weakness jealousy and greed
There is only equality by shared misery
Therefore Freedom is the essential threat
To this spawn of inequity and tyranny

9:48 am
transcribed this time
10:06 am


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stinking white heterosexual breeders....

Anything we do is ok
Any way we express ourselves is alright
You are the oppressors
We're allowed anything when we fight

Spit on you and degrade you
Flip you off when we can
Tell you you have to be polite
Tell you you have to understand

White people in general are not good
They deserve disrespect shame and pain
Only those in LGTA have rights
There's only one way to win the game

Yes Obama did invite them but
He'll never be questioned about his guests
What ever he says goes
What ever he says is for the best

Get over yourselves
Your time has come and gone
Now you're going to see what it's like
When we take over and you're the pawns

It's payback time bitches
We laughingly say...get on your knees
Surrender your families and values
It's time you learned to please

9:35 am
* ...
Gays flip off picture of Reagan
at the White House...
transcribed this time
10:54 am


Sunday, June 17, 2012

When Then and Till

When treason cancels reason
When power cancels right
When appeasement blunts resistance
Till there is no will to fight

Then evil will have won
Till a blow is struck back
One that will let them know
That they are under attack

And realize some men
Will remain free
And will go down fighting
Till their last breath

For Liberty

9:16 pm
written after Obama
makes the fascist move
of simply declaring he
will not enforce the law
and WILL enact part of
The Dream Act...Shamnesty
transcribed this time
11:10 am


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legalize The Illegals

And then

Give them your car
Give them your home
Give them your daughter
Stand stripped and alone

And then

Till your blue in the face
Be ashamed of yourself
Claim no place of grace

And then

Give them money
And hospital care
Give them food stamps
Prove that you care

And take food
Out of your childrens hands
It's not your turn anymore
This is no longer your homeland

Cry your tears
For every sob story
Fed you by the media whores
Who claim their glory

By being compassionate
With your freedom and lives
Everything they do
Is merely to survive

Smuggling drugs
Gangs and home invasions
You just don't get it
Understand the situation

That's why they murder
Rob and steal
It's not your turn anymore
That's not the deal

Identity theft
Voter Fraud
You will be judged
And by a harsh God

For offering any resistance
To the Undocumented plight
Just give in give up surrender
You know it's right


The Peace loving drug cartels
And the whores and thieves
Who use their labor
And ignore those who have to grieve

For the damage done
By the arrogant and proud
The new carpet baggers are here
They're the Open Border Crowd


10:58 am
with respect to Jesse James
and his.........solution

transcribed this time
12:03 pm


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obama is likeable

If you like Hemmorhoids
And walking on razor blades
And Attorney Generals
Who act like they've got it made

But are rotten and corrupt
As the day is long
And know they'll never be challenged
As long as they sing the Black Panther's song

Obama is likeable

If you like kidney stones
Undermining the truth for fun
And Border Agents being killed
By Fast and Furious guns

Oh yeah
Obama is likeable then
When US friends are enemies
And enemies are friends

And you can leak intell info
Out to the sychophant press
To make you look like a hero
Given it his best

Oh yeah

Obama is likeable as acid
And as sharp as the knife
Plunged into Freedom's back
And the American way of life

As long as you like traitors
And rampant voter fraud
And think freedom of religion
Means you can sell out God

And if a few good Marines
Have to die for ROE's
Then that's just the price
We must pay for being free

Although anybody dead
As a result of the Drone attacks
Is automatically the enemy least he has his own back

And if these are a few of the traits
That you think make it a good day to die
Then Obama definitely is
Your kind of guy




12:07 pm
transcribed this time
9:11 am


Sunday, May 27, 2012


Brother of the blood

The sweat and run

The swearing the allegiance

The good times the fun


Brother of the green

The weapons the dedication

It is by one person at a time

We love this nation



11:49 am



transcribed this time

10:14 am



Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Vulture Culture Wars

The Vulture Culture Wars
The Free Pizza if you order
In Spanish..

More attacks from the pimps
That want to make us their whores
They're always looking for points
They're always looking to score

They want that angle
They want that shot
They want that advantage
To push that rot

That's it's all supposedly
Simply to be fair
But not really it's not that
About which they care

It's not about pro Hispanic
That's not right
I've said it before
It's about being anti-white

And whether it's subtle
Or anvil hammer and nail
It's not about success
But primarily to make you fail

I'm proud of my heritage
And I'm sick of this game
Of special privileges
For the race hustlers and lame

No more bow downs
No more look aways
No more minimizing
What they do or say

It's only a little poison
Being poured into your ear
They say they want respect
But they really want your fear

9:32 am
brought to you by the same store that
last year would accept Pesos as legal in the US..
transcribed this time
11:13 am


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama Punks Out Booker

Way to take it Booker
Way to bend over and take it
Way to back down
Like your freedom was you tryin to fake it

Way to be a loser
Way to grovel and crawl
Way to retract and contract
Take back it all

Not too pathetic
Oh yeah lookin good
Bumble mumble and crumble
Oh yeah you were misunderstood

What a sorry sack
What a rinky dink twink affair
You actually had to apologize
For having a pair

Booker was reigned in
Put to bended knee
And all for speaking out

And you thought you were free

10:32 am

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Poser Perfumed Prince

Selling out the troops
To get another star
Shoveling out the poop
A company man is who you are

Whores for the prestige
Sluts for the power
Endangering our warriors
From his stupid ivory tower

What a bitches bitch
What a punk for the Oboi
Playing with his soldiers lives
Like they were plastic toys

Burn your uniform
Give back your rank
Looking back at your career
I guess you'd say it stank

You low life traitor
You poser poking around
Whatever props you up
Above the bloody ground

Patriots have shed
Your end is drawing near
When you go to visit Ovomit
You obviously kneel

And offer up your rear

10:16 am
transcribed this time
8:11 pm


Sunday, May 6, 2012

We will not stop being racists

Till we pay for every man woman and child
South of the Border down Ol Mexico Way
There is no room for discussion here
There is nothing at all you can say

The United States is the focus of evil
It's plain for all the world to see
Thank God we have a magnificent president
To over see the decline of this nations insanity

America has contributed nothing
The world would be better if we did not exist
Mr Obama is trying everything he can
To make this capitalistic monster cease and desist

The only reason we have so much
Is because we stole it from everyone else
The precious undocumented immigrants
Are a sign we need to take a hard look at our self

They deserve tax breaks they deserve to vote
They deserve higher wages from those rotten folk
Who want to work them in unjust jobs
Who chain them with that wage slave yolk

They have to flee their own country
Because of the Drug Lords and Cartels
The gangs corruption and human trafficking
And the USA is the cause of that as well

If the truth be told La Raza and The Brown Berets
Are our saviors we should let every criminal alien loose
Think how much more there would be for the cause
If everybody understood why it's such a good idea
To capture pin down and slaughter

The Golden Goose

12:57 pm
check this from the IRS
for the Illegals...
transcribed this time
2:18 pm


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I want and don't want .... from Obama

What I want
And don't want .... from Obama

I don't want Obama to learn
I don't want Obama to understand
I don't want him to try harder
To become a better man

I don't want him to read
The Constitution and separation of powers
Or to get down to real work
Or to stop playing golf for endless hours


I only want him to do one thing
One thing only and without a doubt
I want him plain and simple to get
Get up get goin get gone .... Get the Hell out


Leave our White House
Leave being Commander in Chief
He dishonors our troops
With his beliefs and being a thief

I don't want Obama to believe
I don't want Obama to care
I don't want him his old ways to leave
 I don't want Obama to be fair

I don't want him to stop telling us
Who looks like his son
I don't want him to fire Eric Holder
For running guns

I only want him to do one thing
One thing only and without a doubt
I want him plain and simple to get
Get up get goin get gone .... Get the Hell out

I don't want him to quit being cool
At the expense of common sense
I don't want him to require an ID to vote
Or for him to build that long over due border fence

Get up get goin get gone
It's just that one thing but without a doubt
Get The Hell Out
Get The Hell Out


9:56 am
transcribed this time
10:08 am


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Legal Strategies

What were Trayvon's motivations

You mean other than....

Wanting to be an authentic black
Wanting to be a down in the hood bro
Wanting to be a hoodie wearing bad boy
Thinkin nolimitniggah is the way to go

When choosing a nickname
When you tweet yourself flashing signs
When you got your pants down to your knees
And flippin double birds to you is so sublime

He's got a lot to live up to
With rap crap hip hop slop pushin the dime
And if stolen jewelry is in his back pack
Oh well so what I didn't do nufin .... never mind

What could be the inner motivation
Of poor little Trayvon he was unarmed
Yeah he was pounding George's head
Into cement but how could that cause harm

You never know what his intentions were
Just because he was straddling his chest
Maybe he was at a loss for words
And was just trying to do his best


And the way he's being exploited
That's not settin the next one up
Oh yeah race baiting pimps on the hustle
Never do anyone any harm by being

Rotten and corrupt

9:36 am
transcribed this time
9:51 am


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reverend Al ain't nobody's pal

Scum Sucking Race Baiting
Pimp Al Sharpton

Is coming to Tulsa Oklahoma
To stir up trouble and woe
To lie cheat steal and deceive
To toss the truth back to and fro

Till it's unrecognizable
Till it's a conniving convenient blur
Like what he said about Tawana Brawley
And what he tried to pull off with her

Ask him about Harlem in 95
When they burned Freddie's Fashion mart
Seven people were killed then
Ask him how that fire got it's start

Eric Holder and the Black Panthers
They're all praising Reverend Al
I don't know about about you but
They don't sound like my kind of pals

Scum Sucking Race Baiting
Pimp Al Sharpton

Is coming to Tulsa Oklahoma
To huckster hustle it over the line
He openly spells Justice .......Just us
So who's it gonna be

Who trys to sell us out to him this time

6:55 pm
transcribed this time
7:05 pm


Monday, April 9, 2012

The Compromiser

He's a traitor
He's a killer of my young men
Who put it on the line
They do it now like they did it then

And there are still those
Who will sell them out
Without a side ways look
Without one single doubt

They are the evil ones
The scum and the slime
They think it's all a conversation
But maybe not this time

Arrogant and self righteous
Ignorant and puffed up with pride
There are men that man the wall
And then there are those that hide

And mock and ridicule
And who insist on having a say
Who don't know crap about war
Or how to wage it's way

And I am sick to death of them
It makes my heart rage
And I'm really not in the mood
To simply turn the page

On their outright treason
On their smarmy smirk and grins
Some people only learn
When it happens to them

8:59 am
So now, initiative is once again given to those whom wish to attack our troops.
Who doubts now, that "civilian" traffic in the middle of the night will not increase, and subsequent IED emplacements will not rise.

And as a result more of our young men will die


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Code Stink and Queen Pig Michelle

Code Stink

American haters
Man bashers
Real values trashers

Whores for Islam
Scum of the world
Not really women
Not really girls

Just scummy dirt bags
Lovin bein a bitch
Spewing out filth
Scratchin their itch

To hurt and destroy
To demean and corrupt
If anything good is being done
They're there to disrupt

They hate bravery
Courage and dedication
Their whole gory glory story
Is to bring down this nation

And there they are
With Queen Pig Michelle
May the be seen for what they are

May they all
Directly go to Hell

11:02 am
First Lady Michelle Obama, accepting an anti-war petition at a fundraiser in San Francisco last week, told the Code Pink member who presented her with 20,000 signatures, "Keep up the great work,"

*"Ms. Obama thanked Hull for her advocacy and said, "Keep up the great work." As Hull was walking away after her photo with the First Lady, Michelle Obama grabbed her hand, squeezed it and said, "We really need you."


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They laugh They Kill

They laugh they kill
They lie they corrupt
Which way is down
Which way is up

They sell guns
They steal money
They insult our women
And think it's funny

They sell out Israel
And circle talk about Iran
They act all confused
But oh yeah they've got a plan

The National anthem should
Be a rap crap song
It's time America was cut down
To the size it belongs

It's Obama bucks for Bro's
It's free condumbs for Ho's
It's culture crash trash
And how low can you go

Wussy out the military
Promote and praise the queers
Bring about a whole new meaning
To serving in the Rear

Bring in more Muslims
To our sacred home land
Slide ride it toward Sharia
Give into their demands

Let's all be moderates
Independents and the like
Let more Illegals invade
Watch our sovereignty take a hike

Don't drill for oil
And tell everybody you do
And smile all the while
Because you know

The traitorous press
Will cover for you

10:23 am
transcribed this time
10:33 am


Monday, March 12, 2012

This would have never happened

This would have never happened

If we would have more gay soldiers
If they could serve openly and proud
If nobody thought wearing pink stripes
Made them stand out in a crowd

This would have never happened

If Christians were watched closer
If they were under scrutiny everday
If proper deserved suspicion was placed
On everything they do and say

Heter0sexism is running wild
In the military now a days
More sensitivity training would
Help to improve their ways

This would have never happened

If the Rules of Engagement
Were wound up good and tight
There are things more important
Than merely winning in a fight

Perhaps if military benefits were cut
They could go beyond mere self
They wouldn't get to thinking
They were better than everyone else

This would have never happened

If apologies above all else
Were the standing orders of the day
Here at least we have a proud

Commander in Chief
Commander in Thief

Leading the way

10:05 am



Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hail to all good and brave men
Let not them sell you out for gain
Let not them blind you to the truth
And that sometimes it is bought with pain

Let us pick up arms if necessary
Such are the necessities of soul
May we stand and live together
May we be both subtle and bold

Whatever it takes
To keep open the door
To freedom and responsibility
To know what it is all for

It is for the love of our families
It is for the sacrifice gone before
It is for those who can no longer
Beseech or implore

Or fight and bleed
Or defend with word spoken true
It is for us all one and all
It is quite simply for me and you

Dare to prepare
Dare to make a stand
Dare to angle in and flank
Dare to make a plan

Believe in humble humility
Believe in sword and shield
Believe in your hearts
There is a place of grace

From which we need not yield

12:42 pm
12:47 pm


Friday, March 2, 2012

You didn't get it then

You didn't get it then

You won't get it now
All the effite elite ideas
Are nothing but sacred cows

Sacred cows are for slaughter
The Tower of Babble has Collapsed
Left wing extremes dreams are
The tar babies use when they relapse

All Junkies are the same
They're crazy lazy and confused
Nothing is ever their fault
Their ever amused to accuse and abuse

Till you bring them up short
It's all gone far enough
You can never possibly explain it
To those who don't know life is tough

And not a spin cycle word game
It has to be met head on at times
Holy victimhood is all the rage
For those weak in character and mind

8:34 pm
transcribed this time
7:59 am


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Every Day

Every Day
And In Every Way

I hate Obama
For what he does
And what
He has to say

Especially about our military
Those brave young women and men
I hate him for all time
And it comes from deep within

He works to crush our freedoms
He pushes to increase our debt
He wants to collapse our system
He does it without regret

He's simultaneously
Crazy lazy incompetant and insane
He's certifiably evil
He has absolutely no shame

And any and all who support him
Are deranged and enemies of the good
He's a liar thief and con artist
It's easy to see and more easily understood

He seeks to destroy morale
He lacks the courage and loyalty of the brave
He gave up his now corrupted soul
Long ago he no longer has one to save

The damage he's done and continues to do
Has seared into me a blood red mark
There is no low he will not go
He is the infectious diseased moving dark

8:25 am
The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Ron Paul eats poop #6008

Yeah all the Ronulins are brave
Everybody else is a punk
What a load of crap
What a trunk full of bunk

Arrogance runs heavy
Self Righteousness drips thick
Polish it up all you want
Lay it on real slick

It's gut level intuitive
It's basic to the bone
No foreward military positions
Is what losers alone condone

9:36 am
transcribed this time
5:49 pm


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Machine gun them down

Murder them in the street
Screw their arrogant attitudes
Make them nothing but bleeding meat

Shoot them with a flame thrower
Drench them with flames
Show them what you get
When you play fanatic crazy games

Shoot them with an accurized 308
Blow their brains right out of their heads
Watch them explode like cantalopes
God knows they deserve to be dead

F*ck their Holy Koran
Screw their stupid prayers
Stack their bodies like cord wood
Layer upon bloody layer

Slaughter them where the stand
Blow their guts out into the dirt
Vengence is the name of the dance
We'll see who can bring the most hurt

11:34 am

transcribed this time
6:33 pm
now soldiers have been killed
around the burning Korans
as Ovomit apologizes


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You burned the Koran

So we all can do whatever we want
We can riot maim and burn
Allah Akbar Allah Akbar
We have nothing we need to learn

You must grovel before us
You must on your knees apologize
You must admit that your very essence
Is nothing but evil ugly Infidel lies

There are no mistakes
Where you're concerned
Only we can have forgiveness
We have nothing we need to learn

Embarrass yourself
Betray the good deeds of your brave men
Sell out your beliefs bring on the grief
And take step by step on the path

Of crumbling within

10:15 am
The Jihad mobs speak with the same tongue
as all of Ovomit's advisors


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And then he said

Israel is a bigger threat to peace
Than Iran

And then....I said



The punk speaks his words of ignorance
And claims he has a warriors heart
But his lameness and lack of shamefulness
Shines through as to his true part

In oppression and jihadist insanity
He backs the insidious demonic dark
Moving across the land
And leaving it's bloody evil mark

A traitor is revealed
By his statements and beliefs
His coarseness no longer concealed
He celebrates the innocents grief

With a writhing serpent's tongue
With a story to tell to weave a spell
But Valhalla and Heaven deny him
And he shall in Hell

Forever dwell

10:27 am
transcribed this time
10:40 am


Monday, February 6, 2012

Every Time

Every time I see Holder

I think of Terry
Dying alone in the dark
Trying to make a difference
Trying to leave his mark

On this ugly ol world
That needs champions now more than ever
We need brave men to step forward
Not another soft word speaker

Being clever

Every time I see Holder

I see him pointing a gun
Directly at Terry's heart
I see one who is responsible
I see one who did his evil part

Every time I see Holder

I see Terry's blood
Running into the dirt
I feel the pain
I feel the hurt

I cry with his parents
I cry with the bereaved
Every time I see Holder
I vow I will not be deceived

By evil men
And there evil ways
And I take the oath I take the oath
That one day these evil men will pay

8:15 pm
transcribed this time
8:18 pm


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hard licks coming

Everybody tune up your truck
Buy more ammo and clean your gun
Keep your options wide wide open
We're getting ready to have some fun

Some don't think it will happen
There's no real danger here
Stinking illegals and psycho muzzies
The vulture cultures do not draw near

Unemployment is down
Let the propaganda float by
Anybody with half a brain
Know those figures are low life lies

The press is smug
And lives in it's own world
Soldiers die Marines die
Before swine are thrown the pearls

Socialists run mad in the street
Organized labor sends in it's thugs
Unborn baby killers are worshiped
And the only ones deserving of hugs

Racist is the term they use
To steal your land your home your soul
Their eyes are alight with crazy
As their blood runs cold

Here comes Iran with its nukes
Here comes evil giving instruction
About how to properly yield
And prepare to accept your inevitable destruction

Gather your water
Gather your food
War respects strength and honor
While emotions prefers to dance with mood

11:44 am
transcribed this time
12:33 pm


Friday, January 27, 2012

It's hard to believe

There are consequences for Murder
For the killing of the unborn
That emotions range from shame
To Angels raining down scorn

Who would kill the innocent
How blind do you have to be
To not know life begins in the beginning
And that means you and me

Let us bring in the truth
Let us bring in the light
Let us bring in the revelation
That what is right is right is right

Cry for the innocent
Let yourself be shaken to the bone
Let not these new spirits
Have to face this struggle alone

Hold to strength and courage
Resolve to heal at the stone
That was moved aside one day
That we all may find our way home

3:13 pm
transcribed this time
3:19 pm
and yeah
I did say it like that


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rock the World Brothers

Let's be aware of each others spirit
Let's be aware of each others flame and fight
Let's be aware of each others values
And the willingness to do what is right

There are forces moving amongst us
That are killing our families and friends
My loyalties are not for sale or rent
My truth does not tilt on depends

Let's carry our swords and shields
Let keep our weapons at our side
There are forces moving against us
And they want to tell us how to decide

Many are the sacrifices gone before
Much is the bravery that stands the line
I will not dessert or abandon
Those whose heart does toward freedom incline

10:07 am
transcribed this time
12:45 pm


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Race Pimps and their symps

If you are a hyphenated-American

You need to get the Hell out
You need to pack up and leave
We don't need your blind selfishness
Built around hustle lie and deceive

No more special privileges
No more oh poor me
As a means to gain leverage
Over real and honest opportunity

Race pimps don't care about integrity
They don't care what's right
It's not pro black or pro hispanic
Most of their crap

Is just flat out anti-white

10:51 am
transcribed this time
10:54 am


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Urinating on the dead what

Piss on the enemy

Piss on them when they're alive
Piss on them when they're dead
Piss on their bodies
After shooting them in the head

Piss on all their mamas
Piss on all their sons
Everything they believe in
All of them are scum

But also
But also

Piss on the so  called journalists
Who would try to make this a big deal
They got a lot of nerve spoons in hand
Scooping out of the toilet their earned meals

From the likes of left wing sewage plants
That try to pass themselves off as news
Piss on the whole lot of them and their
Stupid idiotic gutless abysmal views

1:45 pm
transcribed this time
2:17 pm