Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stinking white heterosexual breeders....

Anything we do is ok
Any way we express ourselves is alright
You are the oppressors
We're allowed anything when we fight

Spit on you and degrade you
Flip you off when we can
Tell you you have to be polite
Tell you you have to understand

White people in general are not good
They deserve disrespect shame and pain
Only those in LGTA have rights
There's only one way to win the game

Yes Obama did invite them but
He'll never be questioned about his guests
What ever he says goes
What ever he says is for the best

Get over yourselves
Your time has come and gone
Now you're going to see what it's like
When we take over and you're the pawns

It's payback time bitches
We laughingly say...get on your knees
Surrender your families and values
It's time you learned to please

9:35 am
http://nation.foxnews.com/gay-activists ...
Gays flip off picture of Reagan
at the White House...
transcribed this time
10:54 am


Sunday, June 17, 2012

When Then and Till

When treason cancels reason
When power cancels right
When appeasement blunts resistance
Till there is no will to fight

Then evil will have won
Till a blow is struck back
One that will let them know
That they are under attack

And realize some men
Will remain free
And will go down fighting
Till their last breath

For Liberty

9:16 pm
written after Obama
makes the fascist move
of simply declaring he
will not enforce the law
and WILL enact part of
The Dream Act...Shamnesty
transcribed this time
11:10 am


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legalize The Illegals

And then

Give them your car
Give them your home
Give them your daughter
Stand stripped and alone

And then

Till your blue in the face
Be ashamed of yourself
Claim no place of grace

And then

Give them money
And hospital care
Give them food stamps
Prove that you care

And take food
Out of your childrens hands
It's not your turn anymore
This is no longer your homeland

Cry your tears
For every sob story
Fed you by the media whores
Who claim their glory

By being compassionate
With your freedom and lives
Everything they do
Is merely to survive

Smuggling drugs
Gangs and home invasions
You just don't get it
Understand the situation

That's why they murder
Rob and steal
It's not your turn anymore
That's not the deal

Identity theft
Voter Fraud
You will be judged
And by a harsh God

For offering any resistance
To the Undocumented plight
Just give in give up surrender
You know it's right


The Peace loving drug cartels
And the whores and thieves
Who use their labor
And ignore those who have to grieve

For the damage done
By the arrogant and proud
The new carpet baggers are here
They're the Open Border Crowd


10:58 am
with respect to Jesse James
and his.........solution

transcribed this time
12:03 pm


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obama is likeable

If you like Hemmorhoids
And walking on razor blades
And Attorney Generals
Who act like they've got it made

But are rotten and corrupt
As the day is long
And know they'll never be challenged
As long as they sing the Black Panther's song

Obama is likeable

If you like kidney stones
Undermining the truth for fun
And Border Agents being killed
By Fast and Furious guns

Oh yeah
Obama is likeable then
When US friends are enemies
And enemies are friends

And you can leak intell info
Out to the sychophant press
To make you look like a hero
Given it his best

Oh yeah

Obama is likeable as acid
And as sharp as the knife
Plunged into Freedom's back
And the American way of life

As long as you like traitors
And rampant voter fraud
And think freedom of religion
Means you can sell out God

And if a few good Marines
Have to die for ROE's
Then that's just the price
We must pay for being free

Although anybody dead
As a result of the Drone attacks
Is automatically the enemy
So....at least he has his own back

And if these are a few of the traits
That you think make it a good day to die
Then Obama definitely is
Your kind of guy




12:07 pm
transcribed this time
9:11 am