Saturday, September 29, 2012

Options and Opportunities

I would kill

I would kill all the seventh century savages
Who thinks killing dogs is cool
I'd rage down on them in a reign of pain
I'd slaughter each and every one of those fools

No mercy would be given
Not one step back would be taken
There is beauty and loyalty in this world
And I will not leave it forsaken

I'd lay these son of a bitches out
Whether it be by gun hand or knife
I would take from them their everything
I would take from them their life

There is no room for such cruelty
For such sick sadistic obsessions
I would be coming for them 100 %
And there would be not one concession

Let us build a roaring bon fire
Let us bulldoze out a hole
That we may bury their rotting bodies
Their bodies that clearly have no souls

11:38 pm
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1:10 am
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Islam is

Islam is
The Religion of Peace
And Sharia is the way

The state pays for your clitorectomies
They give you a clear dress code to wear
They spell it out clearly and directly
How dare an ankle ever be bare

Real women like to walk behind men
And slightly to the side
Because Islam is the religion
That gives women back their pride

If women don't have two men
To state that she's been raped
What the Hell is wrong with her
Her common sense must have escaped

Sharia ensures that girls
Don't have to be bothered by school
After all where would we be
Without all these wonderful rules

Written by a guy
Who had a nine year old bride
So much goodness going around
It takes a lot to hide

The utter disdain good Muslims
Have way down deep
Western Women are so corrupt
Their ambitions gives good men the creeps

Real men wear a suicide vest
Because The West weaves an evil spell
73 Virgins all await in Paradise
By geniuses who blow themselves

All to Hell

How can a woman resist
How can good women ever criticize
A way of worship
That preaches teaches it's ok to lie

How can a good woman
Not completely and totally swoon
Andy Williams had it all wrong in his song
It's River Styx

That leads to the moon

9:48 am
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1:39 pm



Dear God

Please let me be on a fast boat
Let it be the best I ever gave
When I machine gun rip it up and
Put Somali Pirates in a watery grave

10:5 am
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9:09 am


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I am

I am sick and tired of
This apology crap

The worst that can happen
To this idiot in chief
Is what I hope for
For this rotten stinking thief

He hands out massive cover ups
Like they were all consequences free
He has a Ambassador to the UN
Come out and spout off insanity

The Libyan president says they
Knew what was going down
Obama's doctrine is the
Chamberlain doctrine come back around

The Monsters want to kill us
And did so in this case
Death to America Death to America
They say it right to our face

Our ugly smug leftist media
Reveal nothing about our Seals
All the facts are twisted
If not outright concealed

Real Americans are outraged
We honor these real men of our times
We know that they are but after thoughts
In Obama's Marxist communist mind

The world is on fire and
We've all got a heavy load
And what are we to Obama
Nothing but bumps in the road

Bumps in the road

10:26 am

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today's to do list

Burn a Koran
Piss on some Haji dead
Laugh at some cartoon
Of Mohammed with a bomb

As the turban on his Rag Head

Buy a lot of bacon
Cook it up and eat it with eggs
Then pour off the grease
Onto the bullets I have

Because I'm not going to beg

For forgiveness or understanding
From some seventh century psychos
Who think their going to tell me
Which way the wind blows

I'm not going to give in
I'm not going to give up
My freedom My homeland
To the openly naked crazy and corrupt

11:47 am

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Scum Bag Press

There you go again

With what you print
And what you don't print
They claim their lies are truth
And claim to know what you really meant

The cover up is plain to see
No little film caused all this
But still they stick their heads in the sand
And going on in a stupid kind of bliss

They don't have to think
They are the Pravda of the West
They are here to screw America
And are seriously trying their best

They stand behind their Demi-God
The Middle East is ablaze
This dear leader is their prophet
In these end of days

The Arab Spring bore a child
And it grew up to kick in a door
Burn an Embassy down
And then rape and kill an Ambassador

10:43 am
transcribed this time
10:45 am


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Press Are Whores

The Press are whores
And an enemy of the people

He took not a single question about
His policy in the Middle East
Not one question about why he doesn't
Consider the Muslim Brother Hood the beast

The Main Stream Yellow Media
Are stenographers for this corrupt regime
That cares no one whit for our security
Or what it takes for Freedom to dream

The Press is more than slanted
Not one question about Israel's defense
They say they are for the Jews
But you know it's all shallow pretense

They support Sharia law
By questioning the right to free speech
They just ignore our individual rights
And go to put our way of life out of reach

Nobody has asked Obama about
The last time he attended an intelligence meeting
Have you got anything for him
Besides sycophant soft balls and pleasant greetings

How about why is he immediately off to a fund raiser
Why is he not planning to retaliate
For the Murder of our Ambassador and Marines
By those Jihadists filled with crazy hate

What about the Arab Spring
Do you think this monstrous tragedy
The direct result of all that stinking
Horrific crazy suck Sharia law insanity

He's got no time for Netanyahu
Because Buck Toothed comediennes are his choice
Ovomit takes no questions when he gives
Press Conferences to hear his own voice

The Press are more complicit with tyranny
Than Pravda ever dreamed
They provide excuses for our enemies
And back every hair brained scheme

They attack the patriotic
They go to take good people down
They appear to me to claim
Sodom and Gomorrah

As their black hearts and souls home town

I despise the leftist media
I despise them and all they stand for
They are an enemy of the people
And on their best day

Truly low rent whores

5:00 pm
transcribed this time
5:23 pm


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ambassador and Marines Murdered in Libya Embassy is burned down As thousands quote....protest

I want to kill all of them

It got out of hand
Is that what it's being called
It's time now for the enemy to die
It is time for the bodies to fall

We now have a pretend prez-a-dent
Who for the Jihadist does sympathize
He doesn't have time for Israel
He wears his disquise of lies

The Ambassador didn't pass away
He was murdered outright
They are seriously asking for it
C'mon let's give'm a fight

Let's straffe those bastards
As they scream out their hate
Let's hit'm with 30 millimeter cannons
Let's let Fifty calibre gunners seal their fate

I've had enough of them
And this stinking tendency to appease
By the scum bag symp wimps
Who only seek the please

The killers of coptic Christians
The killers of women and men
Whose only crime was that
They believed different than them

No mercy no hold back
I'd like a cluster bomb to explode
Screw them and they're being offended
I'd put Mohammed's head in a commode

I'd rip off their heads and piss down their necks
I'd break their arms and smash their face
I'd teach and teach'm well
All about what a Crusader considers grace

8:33 am
Ambassador and Marines
Murdered in Libya
Embassy is burned down
As thousands quote....protest
transcribed this time
9:03 am