Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is a punk

Soulja Boy thinks he's slick
Thinks he's slippin one by
With another stupid trick

Of put'n down real men
Who stand the line man the wall
Soulja Boi thinks he's hard
But he really ain't got no balls

For back stabbing brothers
Who go out on patrols
Who play the hand they're dealt
And never bluff and never fold

Bless their warrior Souls
Their courage and dedication
They go forth for us all
To protect and preserve this nation

And bitches like Soulja Boy
Got no standing to criticize
All he's got is gang slang hang
That encourages the quote accidental

Killing of four year olds in drive bys

Screw him and his stupid games
To Hell with him and his mouthy ways
He ain't nuthin but fame flame lame
And will reamain a loser's loser

Until his dying day

11:44 am
and yes I know sometimes you lose
part of a certain audience when you
curse....but bitch azz punks really
really piss me off sometimes..
transcribed this time
11:50 am


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