Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Every Day

Every Day
And In Every Way

I hate Obama
For what he does
And what
He has to say

Especially about our military
Those brave young women and men
I hate him for all time
And it comes from deep within

He works to crush our freedoms
He pushes to increase our debt
He wants to collapse our system
He does it without regret

He's simultaneously
Crazy lazy incompetant and insane
He's certifiably evil
He has absolutely no shame

And any and all who support him
Are deranged and enemies of the good
He's a liar thief and con artist
It's easy to see and more easily understood

He seeks to destroy morale
He lacks the courage and loyalty of the brave
He gave up his now corrupted soul
Long ago he no longer has one to save

The damage he's done and continues to do
Has seared into me a blood red mark
There is no low he will not go
He is the infectious diseased moving dark

8:25 am
The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Ron Paul eats poop #6008

Yeah all the Ronulins are brave
Everybody else is a punk
What a load of crap
What a trunk full of bunk

Arrogance runs heavy
Self Righteousness drips thick
Polish it up all you want
Lay it on real slick

It's gut level intuitive
It's basic to the bone
No foreward military positions
Is what losers alone condone

9:36 am
transcribed this time
5:49 pm


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Machine gun them down

Murder them in the street
Screw their arrogant attitudes
Make them nothing but bleeding meat

Shoot them with a flame thrower
Drench them with flames
Show them what you get
When you play fanatic crazy games

Shoot them with an accurized 308
Blow their brains right out of their heads
Watch them explode like cantalopes
God knows they deserve to be dead

F*ck their Holy Koran
Screw their stupid prayers
Stack their bodies like cord wood
Layer upon bloody layer

Slaughter them where the stand
Blow their guts out into the dirt
Vengence is the name of the dance
We'll see who can bring the most hurt

11:34 am

transcribed this time
6:33 pm
now soldiers have been killed
around the burning Korans
as Ovomit apologizes


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You burned the Koran

So we all can do whatever we want
We can riot maim and burn
Allah Akbar Allah Akbar
We have nothing we need to learn

You must grovel before us
You must on your knees apologize
You must admit that your very essence
Is nothing but evil ugly Infidel lies

There are no mistakes
Where you're concerned
Only we can have forgiveness
We have nothing we need to learn

Embarrass yourself
Betray the good deeds of your brave men
Sell out your beliefs bring on the grief
And take step by step on the path

Of crumbling within

10:15 am
The Jihad mobs speak with the same tongue
as all of Ovomit's advisors


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And then he said

Israel is a bigger threat to peace
Than Iran

And then....I said



The punk speaks his words of ignorance
And claims he has a warriors heart
But his lameness and lack of shamefulness
Shines through as to his true part

In oppression and jihadist insanity
He backs the insidious demonic dark
Moving across the land
And leaving it's bloody evil mark

A traitor is revealed
By his statements and beliefs
His coarseness no longer concealed
He celebrates the innocents grief

With a writhing serpent's tongue
With a story to tell to weave a spell
But Valhalla and Heaven deny him
And he shall in Hell

Forever dwell

10:27 am
transcribed this time
10:40 am


Monday, February 6, 2012

Every Time

Every time I see Holder

I think of Terry
Dying alone in the dark
Trying to make a difference
Trying to leave his mark

On this ugly ol world
That needs champions now more than ever
We need brave men to step forward
Not another soft word speaker

Being clever

Every time I see Holder

I see him pointing a gun
Directly at Terry's heart
I see one who is responsible
I see one who did his evil part

Every time I see Holder

I see Terry's blood
Running into the dirt
I feel the pain
I feel the hurt

I cry with his parents
I cry with the bereaved
Every time I see Holder
I vow I will not be deceived

By evil men
And there evil ways
And I take the oath I take the oath
That one day these evil men will pay

8:15 pm
transcribed this time
8:18 pm


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hard licks coming

Everybody tune up your truck
Buy more ammo and clean your gun
Keep your options wide wide open
We're getting ready to have some fun

Some don't think it will happen
There's no real danger here
Stinking illegals and psycho muzzies
The vulture cultures do not draw near

Unemployment is down
Let the propaganda float by
Anybody with half a brain
Know those figures are low life lies

The press is smug
And lives in it's own world
Soldiers die Marines die
Before swine are thrown the pearls

Socialists run mad in the street
Organized labor sends in it's thugs
Unborn baby killers are worshiped
And the only ones deserving of hugs

Racist is the term they use
To steal your land your home your soul
Their eyes are alight with crazy
As their blood runs cold

Here comes Iran with its nukes
Here comes evil giving instruction
About how to properly yield
And prepare to accept your inevitable destruction

Gather your water
Gather your food
War respects strength and honor
While emotions prefers to dance with mood

11:44 am
transcribed this time
12:33 pm