Saturday, August 27, 2011

God Bless the Angels

God bless the Angels that bring us justice
When others bring down death and pain
God bless the Angels that deliver justice
And know enough to lay no claim by name

Silence is a golden virtue
As is moving up from down wind
The greatist threat is always
Those who would want to be your friend

And know things just to know things
They always want to be in on the story
They want to position themselves
To make that vain grab at some cheap glory

Honor is almost a forgotten trait
Like rain on land in a barren drought
It feeds the soul to make it whole
And does not wither before doubt


God bless the Angels that can travel
And gather up what they need
Without exposing themselves to the net
Put out by those born of evil seed

The days are coming for the changes
Wrought by storms and double lightning strikes
Some times even in the same place
If such is necessary to the fight

There are forces moving around us
They are despot driven and grim
God Bless the Angels that are among us
That will deliver us from them

11:00 am
transcribed this time
11:06 pm


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