Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Obama's opinion

Pelosi was a good speaker
And will be again
Is like saying George Sorry Soros
Really is America's friend

And we all of course will
Breathlessly await
Michael Moore the canker sore's
Exercise video about losing weight

Sure Pelosi was a good speaker
Just like Obama is a good president
Meanwhile most of us can't wait till 2012
To make him the former resident

Him and that idiot Eric Richard Holder
The worst Attorney General in the world
If you don't count Janet Reno
Killing all those Waco boys and girls

But give him a chance yeah
Give these communists more time
And you will ruin our beloved America
And of course show

You are out of your mind

Pelosi was a good speaker
And will be again
Is like saying Hamas is better
Than Israel at being our friend

You have to spend more money
In order to reduce the debt
And anybody that voted for Obama
That isn't filled with regret

Is a serious loser schmoozer
An enemy of the USA
And will lie cheat and steal
Do anything to get their way

Pelosi was a good speaker
And will be again
Says the Illegal Alien
Sharia supporters

Absolutely best friend

10:11 am
transcribed this time
10:15 am


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Rights of Hispanics

The rights of Hispanics

Transcend nationality
Are bigger than the law
Everything everything but
Giving into them is flawed

They are the chosen ones
You are in the way
It is their turn no matter what
Everyday is now their day

If you are an elected Representative
In the USA
It is your job to represent your people
And that's La Raza baby all the way

Being Latino is all that counts
That's what's above it all
It's time for anything that opposes that
To have to take a fall

Any difference of opinion
Is of course defined as oppression
Self righteous anger and entitlement
Are now to be seen as blessings

Use the system against America
Use it especially on the whites
Anything in the name of Brown Pride
Is justified and right

11:33 am
"Representative Luis Guitirrez wants Obama
to grant amnesty by decree..Hugo does it ..right?
transcribed this time
6:16 pm


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reverend Al says only blacks should educate blacks


Get your own money
Get your own schools
Choose your own curriculum
Educate your own damn fools

I'm sick of your whining
Your con jobs and extortion
Who the Hell assigned you
To decide the new proportions

You and Bammy can take off
I seriously don't give a damn
About you or your priorities
And you redistribution scams

10:23 am
Al Sharkstongue wants blacks to be
the only ones who educate blacks..
yeah well this is my reaction


Sunday, April 3, 2011

As if

As if Muslims ever needed a reason
To rape and rob and cheat and steal
As if they've ever been anything
But at odds with what is creative and real

As if

They are not in the 7th Century
And fanatic followers of the Caliphate
They are the monsters of the Mid East
And they are living incarnate hate

They lie to you as a matter of course
They deflect and maneuver and manipulate
They are here to take the West down
It is now we must stand and by our own hand

Guide our own fate

There are betrayers in our midst
Who present appeasement as toleration
They deserve not to live among those of us
Who love and treasure our beloved nation

They speak with twisted serpents tongue
Everything to them is academic debate
They are blind and bound by narcissist delusions
They will get you killed with the spell of hesitate

As if

Muslims needed encouragement
To be as crazy and blood thirsty as they are
The only action they've understood

Is that undertaken by
The Knights of the Templar

8:36 pm
on the news that 12 were killed in the stan
"because" of Koran Burning. and...not to mention
the total disgust I feel for the top down touchy
feelie crap dished out onto the troops
transcribed this time
8:58 pm


Friday, April 1, 2011

The Modern Democrat

The Modern Democrat

Believes in nothing
But gaining acquisition to power
That's all they think about
Every day every minute every hour

They are corruption defined
They literally have no soul
No sense of personal responsibility
They are heartless devious and cold

They steal the peoples money
To use against them when it comes time
For citizens to have a vote that counts
They don't care what's fair they are primed

To lie and cheat and steal
To intimidate hate and subjugate
Any one who gets in their way
They want to usher in tyranny as our fate

They are smug and condescending
The do not debate on the facts
If they can't sell you on their bullshit
They'll stab you in the back

They want your children's minds
They want your money and land
They want your freedom and honor
Now is the time to step to the line

This is our final stand

9:32 am
transcribed this time
9:36 am