Monday, December 19, 2011

Fema Camps....gun confiscation....screaming corruption

I want to be there

I want to be there
When the Holy Curtain comes down
I want to see the blood run free
In the rivers roads through the middle of town

Judgement day is coming
And it's coming hard
Death is seeking out the evil worshipers
And all their no honor guards

I want to be there
To see them try to change their mind
When they horrifyingly realize
That they have run out of time

Depraved and Demented insanity
Has had its run with degradation
Time to slaughter all their fodder
Time to end their recreation

Of demeaning worthy military men
Of pumping out all their rap crap
Of allowing all the stinking illegals in
Time for the final famed dirt nap

They've thought it quite fun
To rob the hard working blind
By calling it taxation they think
They can take every last sweat earned dime

Lies manipulation arrogance and greed
The sewers are backing up
I want to be there when the reign ends
For the foul rotten filthy and corrupt

9:24 am
transcribed this time
11:05 am


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