Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr Band Aid Purple Heart is at it again

Boy that John Kerry is quite a guy

Him and that horse face
Have been around for way too long
Everybody with an ounce of integrity
Is sick of his doin us wrong

He threw his medals over walls
He testified and out right lied
He betrayed the men still fighting
And dishonored those who died

He told those who lived
They ought to be ashamed
He's a loser abuser false accuser
Of who should be to blame

He said our soldiers deliberately
Terrorized civilians in the dead of night
He's Jihad Jane's political brother
And upon this nation brings a blight

Every time he breaths
Every time he speaks
He's drenched in his own self importance
If haughtiness were a cologne

He'd absolutely reek

He's a serial gigolo
He marries money to cover his nut
He puts his finger in the political winds
To see how often he needs to

Stick his nose up Obama's butt

11:07 am
transcribed this time
11:33 am


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