Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Purple Hearts and Fort Hood

Let not the wounded be forsaken
Let not the fallen go unseen
Know that they did stand in our stead
And live forever in our dreams

With our eternal gratitude
And our deepest heart felt tears
Let us let them know we love them
As our unwavering loyalty and intentions

Are made bright and clean and clear

7:53 pm
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7:57 pm
petition to ensure our soldiers get
their due respect


Sunday, June 19, 2011

If you want to know

If you want to know why I'm upset

It's because Obama gets good Marines killed
With his stupid Roe's
And being that I am one their sacred deaths
Come off as personal to me

If you want to know why I tip over the line

It's because Obama sets the policies
That send guns to Mexico
And now Agent Brian Terry has been killed
So you'll excuse me if I don't flow

Like it's all a conversation
And just words just words just words
I seethe when I see the arrogance and disregard
Of those who set fire to the wings of freedom's birds

If you want to know why I blow up

It's because this life has real enemies and consequence
And it is not some silly boy child's game
And I take it very seriously when my brother protectors
Are subjected to reckless harm damage and pain

8:51 pm
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9:01 pm


Meanwhile over in Denmark

The Vollsmose Outlaws are the enemy
Do not get caught up in the details


The Vollsmose Outlaws are the enemy
They are not criminals they are war
They are building little confidences
That's what these tactics are for

They are heading toward killing
Be it with guns rocks or a knife
They first rob you of respect
And then they come for your life

They are poisoning your culture
They hate you beyond all reason
You are a Western people
For them it is always open season

You must see their remorselessness
They are organized crime
You must use the laws of conspiracy
To round them all up in time

Before more of your women are raped
Before more of your people are attacked
Before your policeman are degraded
To the point they are not afraid

To shoot them in the back

8:49 am
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11:17 am
this is the link to
Muzzies mocking Danish Police


Saturday, June 18, 2011

A slag's response to the Islamic threat

Through Sheila Jackson Lee's

Ignorance and leftist leaning
She leaves us open to attack
Islamic radicalization is moving in
But she does not want to keep track

Of where it's going
Or where it's coming from
She's not afraid of common sense
Over coming her as dumb as they come

She enjoys her exalted position
And the power it gives her to sway
And if regular American families are endangered
Oh well maybe it is their turn now a days

She loves her Holy victimhood
She's down for the struggle and all of that
She doesn't care if she has to lie
Or bend the truth or distort the facts

She'd let OJ out in a minute
She thinks she alone determines what's right
And if you haven't guessed by her actions
Sometimes she's not pro anything

She's just flat out Anti-white

10:38 am
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11:30 am
this is where the link to
her stupid comments will go...


Thursday, June 2, 2011


To be tolerant to the intolerant
Is Suicide
Is asking to have a knife
Taken to our throats
Is begging to be stripped
Of our family life and pride

The issue is not me and mine
The issue is not the West
For we have stood on the cliffs of time
And faced Savage test after Savage test

And Lord knows we haven't been perfect
But at least we don't hate our women for drawing breath
And bury them in the dirt up to their waist
And stone them to death

At least we don't murder them
And call it Honor Killing No No No....Not me
At least we don't let them be raped
With impunity

And any of you crazies who believe that
Jihad Johnny is not after our soul land and head
Can sit right there and watch while
The rest of us take him out back and shoot him dead

1:11 pm
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10:42 am


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Just In

This just in: Sarah Palin steps around Dog Poop ...Lame stream media outraged..says everyone can see she's making an obvious analogy to their roach approach to News.


Brought to you by Urban Guerrilla War Correspondent and Poet

9:22 pm
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