Sunday, April 3, 2011

As if

As if Muslims ever needed a reason
To rape and rob and cheat and steal
As if they've ever been anything
But at odds with what is creative and real

As if

They are not in the 7th Century
And fanatic followers of the Caliphate
They are the monsters of the Mid East
And they are living incarnate hate

They lie to you as a matter of course
They deflect and maneuver and manipulate
They are here to take the West down
It is now we must stand and by our own hand

Guide our own fate

There are betrayers in our midst
Who present appeasement as toleration
They deserve not to live among those of us
Who love and treasure our beloved nation

They speak with twisted serpents tongue
Everything to them is academic debate
They are blind and bound by narcissist delusions
They will get you killed with the spell of hesitate

As if

Muslims needed encouragement
To be as crazy and blood thirsty as they are
The only action they've understood

Is that undertaken by
The Knights of the Templar

8:36 pm
on the news that 12 were killed in the stan
"because" of Koran Burning. and...not to mention
the total disgust I feel for the top down touchy
feelie crap dished out onto the troops
transcribed this time
8:58 pm


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