Sunday, May 27, 2012


Brother of the blood

The sweat and run

The swearing the allegiance

The good times the fun


Brother of the green

The weapons the dedication

It is by one person at a time

We love this nation



11:49 am



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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Vulture Culture Wars

The Vulture Culture Wars
The Free Pizza if you order
In Spanish..

More attacks from the pimps
That want to make us their whores
They're always looking for points
They're always looking to score

They want that angle
They want that shot
They want that advantage
To push that rot

That's it's all supposedly
Simply to be fair
But not really it's not that
About which they care

It's not about pro Hispanic
That's not right
I've said it before
It's about being anti-white

And whether it's subtle
Or anvil hammer and nail
It's not about success
But primarily to make you fail

I'm proud of my heritage
And I'm sick of this game
Of special privileges
For the race hustlers and lame

No more bow downs
No more look aways
No more minimizing
What they do or say

It's only a little poison
Being poured into your ear
They say they want respect
But they really want your fear

9:32 am
brought to you by the same store that
last year would accept Pesos as legal in the US..
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama Punks Out Booker

Way to take it Booker
Way to bend over and take it
Way to back down
Like your freedom was you tryin to fake it

Way to be a loser
Way to grovel and crawl
Way to retract and contract
Take back it all

Not too pathetic
Oh yeah lookin good
Bumble mumble and crumble
Oh yeah you were misunderstood

What a sorry sack
What a rinky dink twink affair
You actually had to apologize
For having a pair

Booker was reigned in
Put to bended knee
And all for speaking out

And you thought you were free

10:32 am

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Poser Perfumed Prince

Selling out the troops
To get another star
Shoveling out the poop
A company man is who you are

Whores for the prestige
Sluts for the power
Endangering our warriors
From his stupid ivory tower

What a bitches bitch
What a punk for the Oboi
Playing with his soldiers lives
Like they were plastic toys

Burn your uniform
Give back your rank
Looking back at your career
I guess you'd say it stank

You low life traitor
You poser poking around
Whatever props you up
Above the bloody ground

Patriots have shed
Your end is drawing near
When you go to visit Ovomit
You obviously kneel

And offer up your rear

10:16 am
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8:11 pm


Sunday, May 6, 2012

We will not stop being racists

Till we pay for every man woman and child
South of the Border down Ol Mexico Way
There is no room for discussion here
There is nothing at all you can say

The United States is the focus of evil
It's plain for all the world to see
Thank God we have a magnificent president
To over see the decline of this nations insanity

America has contributed nothing
The world would be better if we did not exist
Mr Obama is trying everything he can
To make this capitalistic monster cease and desist

The only reason we have so much
Is because we stole it from everyone else
The precious undocumented immigrants
Are a sign we need to take a hard look at our self

They deserve tax breaks they deserve to vote
They deserve higher wages from those rotten folk
Who want to work them in unjust jobs
Who chain them with that wage slave yolk

They have to flee their own country
Because of the Drug Lords and Cartels
The gangs corruption and human trafficking
And the USA is the cause of that as well

If the truth be told La Raza and The Brown Berets
Are our saviors we should let every criminal alien loose
Think how much more there would be for the cause
If everybody understood why it's such a good idea
To capture pin down and slaughter

The Golden Goose

12:57 pm
check this from the IRS
for the Illegals...
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2:18 pm


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I want and don't want .... from Obama

What I want
And don't want .... from Obama

I don't want Obama to learn
I don't want Obama to understand
I don't want him to try harder
To become a better man

I don't want him to read
The Constitution and separation of powers
Or to get down to real work
Or to stop playing golf for endless hours


I only want him to do one thing
One thing only and without a doubt
I want him plain and simple to get
Get up get goin get gone .... Get the Hell out


Leave our White House
Leave being Commander in Chief
He dishonors our troops
With his beliefs and being a thief

I don't want Obama to believe
I don't want Obama to care
I don't want him his old ways to leave
 I don't want Obama to be fair

I don't want him to stop telling us
Who looks like his son
I don't want him to fire Eric Holder
For running guns

I only want him to do one thing
One thing only and without a doubt
I want him plain and simple to get
Get up get goin get gone .... Get the Hell out

I don't want him to quit being cool
At the expense of common sense
I don't want him to require an ID to vote
Or for him to build that long over due border fence

Get up get goin get gone
It's just that one thing but without a doubt
Get The Hell Out
Get The Hell Out


9:56 am
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