Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pulled from the car

There's nuthin as purty

There's nuthin as purty as a white boy
Down upon his knees
With his mouth wide open
And the brothers knowin they get to do as they please

As they rape and sodomize his girlfriend
Before his horrified eyes
They get to do what they want
Before the blood loss and shock make'm die

There's nuthin as purty as a white girl
Who's crying terrifying and scared
There's nuthin more fun than degrading her
Cause that's what she gets for bein fair haired

There's nuthin quite as empowering
As spending the money from their ATM card
And laughin right out loud about it
Cause you're gangsta tough and hard


Oh yeah....

There's nuthin like smashing out teeth
There's nuthin like beatin an old man
There's nuthin quite as funny as those
Who try to understand

Why he gets pulled him from his car
And kicked in the body face and head
By the poor disaffected black youth
Tryin to find their own truth


Only evil would call you evil
For thinking of ways to make them dead

5:42 pm
transcribed this time
5:48 pm


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