Thursday, October 20, 2011

Khadaffi's last moments

As he tries to sit up
With the blood running down his face
And this is what Obama has brought us to
This moment of International disgrace

As he uses the UN to hide behind
To blur up the accountability
Into something indecipherable
To try to spread out the responsibility

And now everybody involved
Is as wrong as wrong can be
And this is the image of how the US
Strives to bring about being free

This is exactly how you create another
Horror story destined to go out of control
When a leader doesn't step up and take command
Because he lacks the guts and connection to soul

This is what happens when punk
Comes up with how to lead from behind
This is what happens from having no
Warrior heart or steel in the spine

Everybody knows Khadaffi was a bastard
But there he is tortured to death
Right out in front of everybody
For all to see his last agonized death

And this from a Bitch who complained
About water boarding being excessively cruel
Everybody thinks tyrants are monsters
But they're really panty waist fools

Who create chaos and madness
Running wild and crazy in the street
This is the devil incarnate
Rising up to deliver our defeat

And it's brought to us by our own leader
Who presented himself as a man of peace
This is what happens when sanctimony and
Self righteousness connive to make integrity cease

Being the measure of honorable actions
Witness the media singing songs of praise
This is what it looks like when the beast
Is the host of hosts at the feast

Witness the beginning
The beginning of the end days


8:26 pm
transcribed this time
8:28 pm


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