Friday, July 22, 2011

See Something Say Something

Yeah Yeah

I see 20 million illegals
That have invaded my home
And those who ignore them
Because they have no back bone

Or worse yet
Encourage this lawless invasion
No border defined as necessary
Just opportunism at the situation

I see gangs marauding everywhere
And being treated like fluff
As they rob murder and deal drugs
With no interference from cream puffs

I see a democratic party
That is actually a communist front
And every one of their acts of treason
Written off as but mere dismissible stunts

I see the main lame stream press
Pushing truth and honor aside
I see their twisting spinning sedition
Here to take us all for a ride

Straight to Hell exposing us
To real threats from without
Any act of patriotism and self defense
Is constantly berated and treated with doubt

I see evil walking our land
I see those who push compromise
Those who pretend to be on our side
And then sell us out with fraud deceit and lies

See Something
Say Something

I see thieves and whores
I see leftist pushing their extreme
I see Soros flat out trying to fund
The destruction of the American Dream

I see a stinking Socialist in the White House
I see an Attorney General of the USA
As worse than a common criminal
Who will do anything to get his way

I see Home Land Security
Being played as if it was a game
And every God fearing returning Vet
Told they are the ones to blame

I see gas prices going up
I see food prices going up
I see idiots telling me it's ok
I see the arrogance of the corrupt

See Something
Say Something

I see ROE's killing good men
I'm seeing the military being told
That gay is the way
And chaplains aren't there to comfort the soul

But to marry queers
And to help push this social experimentation
Like yeah that's what's way more important
Than say defending this nation


I'll see something and say something
But it won't be to you
You're just here for yourself
And to make sure the rest of us

Get screwed

10:01 am
transcribed this time
10:09 am


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