Friday, December 30, 2011

Why would anyone

Why would anyone

Why would anyone rob or steal
Why would they commit a crime
All that will get them is ostracized
All that will get them is prison time

Why would anyone
If they really had a choice
Choose one of criminal behavior
And lose their moral based voice

Being Hetero is easy
You never get a broken heart
No one ever gets hurt
They're always bonded and a part

Of the good things in life
One in which no one is betrayed
And everyone is perfect
In why they maneuver to get laid

Being queer just happens
That's what the smart people say
There is no choice involved
That's why gay is the way

Straight people need to adjust
It's like minorities and women's rights
Any opinion except blind acceptance
Means you're ignorant and way too up tight

Breeders need to get on board
In the schools and the Navy's boats
Nothing else matters Gay is the way

Even if they have to
Shove it down your throat

8:39 am
written in connection about ovomit
and his pressing on the military
to adapt to the don't gag
it's only the fags openly serving
and the excuse why would anyone
choose being homo-sexual it's
sooo tough...who cares ..don't ask
don't tell...or go to Hell


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