Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When do we get to

Put the terrorist who was the shooter
At Fort Hood before a firing squad
When do we get to put him on the
7.62 freight train express to God

It's been long enough and obviously
The creep is guilty as Hell
Which is where he should end up
As we use his bones to ring Freedom's bell

It's bad enough we have to wait
Till after we throw Ovomit out
That we can't get down and eliminate
All that PC crap that led to any doubt

As to what this lunatic was up to
Incident after incident after incident
It's not and isn't any trouble at all
To see what that Jihad Johnny meant

The Head Narcissist In Chief may think
It's jumping to conclusions to declare
This guy needs to have a big red gaping hole
Where his chest used to be breathing air

But Patriots don't


So When
When do we get to

Put the terrorist who was the shooter
At Fort Hood before a firing squad
When do we get to put him on the
7.62 freight train express to God

9:07 pm
transcribed this time
9:19 pm


Monday, May 23, 2011

On O Blah Blah .... Stabbing Israel In The Back

Be it by incompetence
Or direct willful deed
This is a man of malevolence
This is one born of demon seed

11:38 pm
transcribed this time
11:30 am


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A mad man revolutionary takes back his language

Multi-culturalism....There's too many white people in this room
Tolerance.............It's my turn no matter what

Affirmative Action...Infirmative Action


Inclusiveness.....lower the standards for me to be fair

Journalism......We will be the ones to finally do Communism right

Liberal..........Liar, dirt bag, thief,

Moderate......Idiot pretending not to be a liar, dirt bag and a thief

Independent.....Look at me look at me being a (liar, dirt bag and thief)

Democrat....Power seeker with no conscience or set of values

Women's movement....Holes with no souls


9:35 pm
transcribed this time
9:37 pm


Monday, May 16, 2011

Alligator Rock

Alligator Rock
And border line situations

Obama hates us
Obama lies and steals
He could give a damn less
How any of us think or feel

He's a user and abuser
He's hustler and a con
He's looking to use Illegals
As next election's pawns

He hates Republicans
And he definitely hates whites
Unless they're apologists
And always saying he's right

He'll kill you with ROE's
On the border or in Afghanistan
He has no respect for law
And looks down on

The American Fighting man

He's an illusionist and propagandist
He's a liar and a fraud
He reaches out to Muslims
While putting up a front about God

He's a Christian when convenient
He's a Patriot when it works
For him to keep pushing toward tyranny
And generally being a jerk

He's bashing down the economy
And using Unions and goons
And by whenever and whatever means
He leaves office

It will never have been too soon

12:30 pm
with affection and dance steps
to the back beat
transcribed this time
11:51 am


Saturday, May 14, 2011

How dare you

How dare you have a thought out intelligent opinion
How dare you draw in a free breath
To do anything
But apologize and tolerate anything and everything
Even if it brings about corruption and death

1:06 pm
transcribed this time
8:22 am


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama Punks America

He laughs at the citizens
Who don't get in line
With his corrupting lying
Stinking state of mind

Who cares if your son
Or daughter has died
At the hands of some illegal
Driving while his brain is fried

He smirks while talking
How border security is done
He loves forcing the agents
To use a bean bag gun

He mocks and ridicules
He manuevers and demeans
He lies straight out
He hates our values and dreams

He sicks Eric Richard Holder
On Arizona's struggle to survive
Enough is enough
Of this sick slick's shuck and jive

10:24 am
transcribed this time
10:27 am


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama is Dead

Osama is dead
Osama is dead
Osama is dead



I plan on celebrating

By dancing in the street
And passing out candy
By telling every passing stranger
I'm feelin fine and dandy

I want to raise our flag
I want to cheer and wave
I want to thank our troops
For all the courage they gave

Over lo these many years
Thank you for your dedication
There are still brave warriors
And true patriots of this nation

I see my fellow citizens
Celebrating in the street
The ones who know
That in a war

There is a victory or defeat

11:17 am
transcribed this time
11:20 am