Monday, December 19, 2011

And other stupid suggestions during political times..."We may have to vote for Obama...*^&$%$

We may have to vote for Obama

We may have to eat out of the toilet
Use sand paper instead of toilet paper
Go along with Solyndra as just being
A funny little economic caper

We may have to open the border wider
As a way to accommodate
The sacred sacred illegals
To prove that we don't hate

We may have to cut our military
To prove to Iran we're not a threat
But still tax higher and spend more
In order to show china we're not afraid of debt

We may have to grovel on the ground
To show we do have a spine
We may have to give everybody heroin
Obama's healthcare keeps you feeling fine

To get a Government union job
We may have to turn gay
Bawney Fwank a man among men
Pushing the limits all the way

We may have to finally accept
That only Dims should be elected
It is the blessed Chicago way
All perfectly unique and excellently


9:03 am
transcribed this time
``:01 am


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