Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meanwhile over in Denmark

The Vollsmose Outlaws are the enemy
Do not get caught up in the details


The Vollsmose Outlaws are the enemy
They are not criminals they are war
They are building little confidences
That's what these tactics are for

They are heading toward killing
Be it with guns rocks or a knife
They first rob you of respect
And then they come for your life

They are poisoning your culture
They hate you beyond all reason
You are a Western people
For them it is always open season

You must see their remorselessness
They are organized crime
You must use the laws of conspiracy
To round them all up in time

Before more of your women are raped
Before more of your people are attacked
Before your policeman are degraded
To the point they are not afraid

To shoot them in the back

8:49 am
transcribed this time
11:17 am
this is the link to
Muzzies mocking Danish Police


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