Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Press Are Whores

The Press are whores
And an enemy of the people

He took not a single question about
His policy in the Middle East
Not one question about why he doesn't
Consider the Muslim Brother Hood the beast

The Main Stream Yellow Media
Are stenographers for this corrupt regime
That cares no one whit for our security
Or what it takes for Freedom to dream

The Press is more than slanted
Not one question about Israel's defense
They say they are for the Jews
But you know it's all shallow pretense

They support Sharia law
By questioning the right to free speech
They just ignore our individual rights
And go to put our way of life out of reach

Nobody has asked Obama about
The last time he attended an intelligence meeting
Have you got anything for him
Besides sycophant soft balls and pleasant greetings

How about why is he immediately off to a fund raiser
Why is he not planning to retaliate
For the Murder of our Ambassador and Marines
By those Jihadists filled with crazy hate

What about the Arab Spring
Do you think this monstrous tragedy
The direct result of all that stinking
Horrific crazy suck Sharia law insanity

He's got no time for Netanyahu
Because Buck Toothed comediennes are his choice
Ovomit takes no questions when he gives
Press Conferences to hear his own voice

The Press are more complicit with tyranny
Than Pravda ever dreamed
They provide excuses for our enemies
And back every hair brained scheme

They attack the patriotic
They go to take good people down
They appear to me to claim
Sodom and Gomorrah

As their black hearts and souls home town

I despise the leftist media
I despise them and all they stand for
They are an enemy of the people
And on their best day

Truly low rent whores

5:00 pm
transcribed this time
5:23 pm


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