Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I am

I am sick and tired of
This apology crap

The worst that can happen
To this idiot in chief
Is what I hope for
For this rotten stinking thief

He hands out massive cover ups
Like they were all consequences free
He has a Ambassador to the UN
Come out and spout off insanity

The Libyan president says they
Knew what was going down
Obama's doctrine is the
Chamberlain doctrine come back around

The Monsters want to kill us
And did so in this case
Death to America Death to America
They say it right to our face

Our ugly smug leftist media
Reveal nothing about our Seals
All the facts are twisted
If not outright concealed

Real Americans are outraged
We honor these real men of our times
We know that they are but after thoughts
In Obama's Marxist communist mind

The world is on fire and
We've all got a heavy load
And what are we to Obama
Nothing but bumps in the road

Bumps in the road

10:26 am

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