Thursday, September 27, 2012

Islam is

Islam is
The Religion of Peace
And Sharia is the way

The state pays for your clitorectomies
They give you a clear dress code to wear
They spell it out clearly and directly
How dare an ankle ever be bare

Real women like to walk behind men
And slightly to the side
Because Islam is the religion
That gives women back their pride

If women don't have two men
To state that she's been raped
What the Hell is wrong with her
Her common sense must have escaped

Sharia ensures that girls
Don't have to be bothered by school
After all where would we be
Without all these wonderful rules

Written by a guy
Who had a nine year old bride
So much goodness going around
It takes a lot to hide

The utter disdain good Muslims
Have way down deep
Western Women are so corrupt
Their ambitions gives good men the creeps

Real men wear a suicide vest
Because The West weaves an evil spell
73 Virgins all await in Paradise
By geniuses who blow themselves

All to Hell

How can a woman resist
How can good women ever criticize
A way of worship
That preaches teaches it's ok to lie

How can a good woman
Not completely and totally swoon
Andy Williams had it all wrong in his song
It's River Styx

That leads to the moon

9:48 am
transcribed this time
1:39 pm


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