Monday, November 5, 2012

When the Seals were called

When the Seals were called up
Bin Laden Died
When the Seals called
They were Denied


The Dark Messiah is in the wings
Waiting for his reaffirmation
Waiting for the mantel of power
To destroy this freedom loving Nation

This is the last chance
To make a peaceful change
Step up and be counted
Step up and defeat the traitors game

Hell is coming
If he is reappointed
By the New Communist Party
The Democraps want him to remain anointed

And beyond challenge
Beyond accountability
Beyond our hearts yearning
To ever be free

Fast and Furious
Benghazi rules
The flames roar up
And on is poured more fuel

Commanding you
To go along
To go to bended knee
Where you belong

But a storm is coming
One way or another
Judgement will be wrought
Upon evil and those that give them cover

I will not give up
I will not give in
I will not stop
Once it begins

I will not surrender
Though my foes abound
And even if betrayed
I will not stand down

10:43 am
transcribed this time
12:16 pm


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