Thursday, November 1, 2012

What a light

She shines so bright
She shines so clear
She brings laughter to our gut
And to our eyes a tear

For the suffering
And needless pain
Caused by the con job
That spins around a names

Don't say the N word
Or we'll bring in knives
To put in your back
To slice up your lives

She calls out the language police
And she does it right to their face
Piers Morgan found out what it was like
To deal with beauty and grace

She's our Earth angel
Who lifts up on the wings
Of her words and ideas
She is the song the intellect sings

When it faces up to challenges
When it faces up to time
She certainly does her homework
And isn't afraid to speak her mind

And in doing so
Touches us all
Hey....even when she's sitting
You know she stands tall

10:54 am
Ann Coulter has a new book out....
transcribed this time
12:50 pm


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