Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Dark Messiah

The Dark Messiah rises
On the wings of shadows and pain
With all kinds of shifting of blame
And without an ounce of shame

He hides his message of death
Behind half truths silence and lies
He's sees the destruction of the West
As a victory and a prize

He'll say anything and do anything
To maintain powers reins
He has no core of positive values
He's worse than cleverly deranged

He's wicked in his ways
He's slippery in his beliefs
He has no feeling for families suffering
For his methods that bring grief

He'll leave you naked and exposed
He'll leave you open to rape and ruin
No one is supposed to question him
As to what he intends with what he is doing

His minions flutter around him
Foul and craven are their ways
The Knights of the Templar
Would remind us

That there are better days

But not by working with
Or trying to understand
Evil must be put deep asunder
And driven from the land

Who will lift the sword of truth
Who will strike a blow of light
Who will stand and deliver
In this fight for what is right

10:49 am
transcribed this time
10:57 am

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