Monday, October 29, 2012

Children of the Future....

Children of the future
Will ask you what was done

Children of the future
Will ask you what was done
Will the answer be one of Silence
And Darkness or one

That let's in the Sun


Yeah I sold guns to the Drug Cartels
And it got Agent Brian Terry Killed
But I can still get by as long as
Chris Matthews leg still has it's thrill

Yeah I made the ROE's that got
Good Marines killed in Afghanistan
And so what if I told the enemy
When we'd be leaving their land

Now there's four dead in Benghazi
And I sat there and watched them die
And oh yes the press has my back jack
When I deliberately intentionally lie

It's like Woodward and Bernstein
Covering up Nixon's cover up
You can't get more sick than that
You can't get more corrupt

But what are you going to do about it
What is it you think you have to say
Which road will you choose
And where will it show

You stood today

2:05 pm
Barrack Insane Obama
Obama Youth Brigade
11:21 am


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