Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They laugh They Kill

They laugh they kill
They lie they corrupt
Which way is down
Which way is up

They sell guns
They steal money
They insult our women
And think it's funny

They sell out Israel
And circle talk about Iran
They act all confused
But oh yeah they've got a plan

The National anthem should
Be a rap crap song
It's time America was cut down
To the size it belongs

It's Obama bucks for Bro's
It's free condumbs for Ho's
It's culture crash trash
And how low can you go

Wussy out the military
Promote and praise the queers
Bring about a whole new meaning
To serving in the Rear

Bring in more Muslims
To our sacred home land
Slide ride it toward Sharia
Give into their demands

Let's all be moderates
Independents and the like
Let more Illegals invade
Watch our sovereignty take a hike

Don't drill for oil
And tell everybody you do
And smile all the while
Because you know

The traitorous press
Will cover for you

10:23 am
transcribed this time
10:33 am


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