Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hail to all good and brave men
Let not them sell you out for gain
Let not them blind you to the truth
And that sometimes it is bought with pain

Let us pick up arms if necessary
Such are the necessities of soul
May we stand and live together
May we be both subtle and bold

Whatever it takes
To keep open the door
To freedom and responsibility
To know what it is all for

It is for the love of our families
It is for the sacrifice gone before
It is for those who can no longer
Beseech or implore

Or fight and bleed
Or defend with word spoken true
It is for us all one and all
It is quite simply for me and you

Dare to prepare
Dare to make a stand
Dare to angle in and flank
Dare to make a plan

Believe in humble humility
Believe in sword and shield
Believe in your hearts
There is a place of grace

From which we need not yield

12:42 pm
12:47 pm


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