Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stinking white heterosexual breeders....

Anything we do is ok
Any way we express ourselves is alright
You are the oppressors
We're allowed anything when we fight

Spit on you and degrade you
Flip you off when we can
Tell you you have to be polite
Tell you you have to understand

White people in general are not good
They deserve disrespect shame and pain
Only those in LGTA have rights
There's only one way to win the game

Yes Obama did invite them but
He'll never be questioned about his guests
What ever he says goes
What ever he says is for the best

Get over yourselves
Your time has come and gone
Now you're going to see what it's like
When we take over and you're the pawns

It's payback time bitches
We laughingly say...get on your knees
Surrender your families and values
It's time you learned to please

9:35 am
http://nation.foxnews.com/gay-activists ...
Gays flip off picture of Reagan
at the White House...
transcribed this time
10:54 am


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