Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obama is likeable

If you like Hemmorhoids
And walking on razor blades
And Attorney Generals
Who act like they've got it made

But are rotten and corrupt
As the day is long
And know they'll never be challenged
As long as they sing the Black Panther's song

Obama is likeable

If you like kidney stones
Undermining the truth for fun
And Border Agents being killed
By Fast and Furious guns

Oh yeah
Obama is likeable then
When US friends are enemies
And enemies are friends

And you can leak intell info
Out to the sychophant press
To make you look like a hero
Given it his best

Oh yeah

Obama is likeable as acid
And as sharp as the knife
Plunged into Freedom's back
And the American way of life

As long as you like traitors
And rampant voter fraud
And think freedom of religion
Means you can sell out God

And if a few good Marines
Have to die for ROE's
Then that's just the price
We must pay for being free

Although anybody dead
As a result of the Drone attacks
Is automatically the enemy least he has his own back

And if these are a few of the traits
That you think make it a good day to die
Then Obama definitely is
Your kind of guy




12:07 pm
transcribed this time
9:11 am


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