Thursday, February 23, 2012

Machine gun them down

Murder them in the street
Screw their arrogant attitudes
Make them nothing but bleeding meat

Shoot them with a flame thrower
Drench them with flames
Show them what you get
When you play fanatic crazy games

Shoot them with an accurized 308
Blow their brains right out of their heads
Watch them explode like cantalopes
God knows they deserve to be dead

F*ck their Holy Koran
Screw their stupid prayers
Stack their bodies like cord wood
Layer upon bloody layer

Slaughter them where the stand
Blow their guts out into the dirt
Vengence is the name of the dance
We'll see who can bring the most hurt

11:34 am

transcribed this time
6:33 pm
now soldiers have been killed
around the burning Korans
as Ovomit apologizes


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