Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hard licks coming

Everybody tune up your truck
Buy more ammo and clean your gun
Keep your options wide wide open
We're getting ready to have some fun

Some don't think it will happen
There's no real danger here
Stinking illegals and psycho muzzies
The vulture cultures do not draw near

Unemployment is down
Let the propaganda float by
Anybody with half a brain
Know those figures are low life lies

The press is smug
And lives in it's own world
Soldiers die Marines die
Before swine are thrown the pearls

Socialists run mad in the street
Organized labor sends in it's thugs
Unborn baby killers are worshiped
And the only ones deserving of hugs

Racist is the term they use
To steal your land your home your soul
Their eyes are alight with crazy
As their blood runs cold

Here comes Iran with its nukes
Here comes evil giving instruction
About how to properly yield
And prepare to accept your inevitable destruction

Gather your water
Gather your food
War respects strength and honor
While emotions prefers to dance with mood

11:44 am
transcribed this time
12:33 pm


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