Sunday, May 6, 2012

We will not stop being racists

Till we pay for every man woman and child
South of the Border down Ol Mexico Way
There is no room for discussion here
There is nothing at all you can say

The United States is the focus of evil
It's plain for all the world to see
Thank God we have a magnificent president
To over see the decline of this nations insanity

America has contributed nothing
The world would be better if we did not exist
Mr Obama is trying everything he can
To make this capitalistic monster cease and desist

The only reason we have so much
Is because we stole it from everyone else
The precious undocumented immigrants
Are a sign we need to take a hard look at our self

They deserve tax breaks they deserve to vote
They deserve higher wages from those rotten folk
Who want to work them in unjust jobs
Who chain them with that wage slave yolk

They have to flee their own country
Because of the Drug Lords and Cartels
The gangs corruption and human trafficking
And the USA is the cause of that as well

If the truth be told La Raza and The Brown Berets
Are our saviors we should let every criminal alien loose
Think how much more there would be for the cause
If everybody understood why it's such a good idea
To capture pin down and slaughter

The Golden Goose

12:57 pm
check this from the IRS
for the Illegals...
transcribed this time
2:18 pm


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