Monday, April 9, 2012

The Compromiser

He's a traitor
He's a killer of my young men
Who put it on the line
They do it now like they did it then

And there are still those
Who will sell them out
Without a side ways look
Without one single doubt

They are the evil ones
The scum and the slime
They think it's all a conversation
But maybe not this time

Arrogant and self righteous
Ignorant and puffed up with pride
There are men that man the wall
And then there are those that hide

And mock and ridicule
And who insist on having a say
Who don't know crap about war
Or how to wage it's way

And I am sick to death of them
It makes my heart rage
And I'm really not in the mood
To simply turn the page

On their outright treason
On their smarmy smirk and grins
Some people only learn
When it happens to them

8:59 am
So now, initiative is once again given to those whom wish to attack our troops.
Who doubts now, that "civilian" traffic in the middle of the night will not increase, and subsequent IED emplacements will not rise.

And as a result more of our young men will die


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